The Origins

It is my belief that there are different kinds of depression.  There is depression that originates from a problem of the body (such as an abnormal chemical imbalance) and there is depression that originates from the mind (separate from the body).  Depression that originates from the body is obviously far easier to treat than depression that originates from the mind.  When the problem stems from one's physical body, medication, physical exercise and diet are several things that could have a tremendous effect on depression.

A prime example of physical depression is Postpartum Depression.  After having a child, a woman's body undergoes rapid change and can result in chemical imbalance.  This is not the kind of depression I have been discussing in the previous chapters.

Depression of the mind, or soul (if you believe in such things), is what I have addressed and shall continue to address in this treatise.  It's important that we understand the difference between depression of the body and depression of the mind.  

Depression is not recognized to originate from something such as the mind, heart, or soul, simply because modern science does not support any philosophical theories of Dualism.  According to science, depression can only originate from the body.  If you are depressed, then by definition something is wrong with your body.

I disagree.

Yes, I have met a number of people who suffer from depression of the body.  They are the ones who can be easily treated by medication.  They depend on the medication because without it, they will not have the necessary chemical balance to live in a normal state.  There are others, however, who do not respond to this kind of treatment.  These people suffer from depression of the mind.  They have lost hope for themselves and allowed the Darkness to take control.

No medication can cure the Darkness.  No therapist can talk it away.  Depression of this kind can only be defeated by the victim.  No one can force another to have hope.  No one can force dark thoughts out of another's head.  It is an inner conflict solvable only by the victim.  

This doesn't mean that the victim cannot be helped.  It simply means that, ultimately, depression of the mind is a choice.  Others can only help us decide which choice to make.


Depression is a tricky business.  It is very similar to a power-hungry dictator.  A dictator can be stopped during his rise to power, but after he has control is incredibly difficult to buck him.  A dictator with power will do everything to run you into the ground.  He will make you slave for him, he will take everything from you and expect you to work in return.  Depression wants you to worship him, just like Big Brother from 1984.  He will not stop until you love him in whatever dark, twisted way you come up with.  Depression tells you what to do, and it is not a choice.

This is the tricky part.  I just said that depression is a choice, didn't I?  Yes, I did.  The problem is, depression is only a choice before it takes control.  You have the power to say 'yes' or 'no' when it comes knocking on your door, but once it's in, it likes to stick around.  

So, am I saying that it's hopeless to fight against depression?  No.  I'm just saying that it's much easier to defeat before it takes control.  


The path is within you.

It is a Buddhist saying, meaning that the secret to your life lies within you, waiting to be awakened.  This is how depression of the mind is to be defeated.  There is passion buried inside all of us that can only be awakened by us.  It lies beneath your true personality, who you really are, in the deepest planes of your being.  Once it is awakened, hope can be restored and the negativity brought on by depression reversed.

Harken back to what I said in the first few chapters.  Depression is a result of emotion and mindset, so these must be the targets of the cure.  

My own depression was reversed when I fell in love with a girl.  A passion so deep as I had never felt before or since undid the work of the Darkness.  Since then, my mindset has been molded into one of hope, peace, and positivity, and this is how I know what I know.  I know that mindset and emotion are the key to beating depression.  I did have another close encounter with depression, but I was able to say 'No' when it showed up on my doorstep for the second time.  

The End

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