The Darkness and Depression

The Darkness is not an easy thing to fight.  In fact, it can feel almost futile when one tries to push it down.  The truth is, you cannot outright resist The Darkness once it has a hold on you.  It is a force that thrives on negative attention, and the more you give it, the stronger it will become.  When I say 'The Darkness,' I am indirectly referring to depression.  However, The Darkness is much broader; depression is a very specific condition.  

The Darkness can come in many shapes and forms, and depression is just the epitome of those forms.  One may feel extreme emptiness and lack enthusiasm about life; this is a minor manifestation of The Darkness.  Another manifestation is a lack of hope and willpower.  These manifestations can range from simple and nearly harmless to almost unbearable.  Some are easy to shake off, others we are forced to deal with throughout the day.

In a fight, it is easier to dodge a punch than it is to stop the punch head-on.  If we try to stop the punch head-on, we run the risk of getting hurt and becoming vulnerable. It is the same way when we are fighting The Darkness.  When we feel hopeless, we should not get up and say "I am going to be hopeful today, whether I like it or not." This is a head-on denial of what we are feeling; instead, we must acknowledge that we feel hopeless and allow ourselves to continue on our lives.  This does not mean that we dwell on how hopeless we feel.  That only serves to feed The Darkness and will lead to an intensified feeling of hopelessness.

During the few weeks preceding my depression, I felt hopeless.  But the more important thing is that I told myself that I was hopeless.  I refused to see myself in any other light, and before long I was trapped.  I was trapped in hopelessness because I had conditioned myself to be hopeless.  I did not realize this at the time, and I was under the delusion that something outside of myself was causing me to be hopeless.  It was only later that I realized my depression was of my own doing.

The Darkness is something that everyone experiences and feels, and the way we deal with it can determine many factors about our inner lives.  If The Darkness is not treated properly and with extreme caution, it can destroy us and send us into a spiraling depression.  Those who tend to focus primarily on what they feel must be especially cautious, for they are the most vulnerable to the advances of The Darkness.  The most important thing to remember is to avoid giving the feeling negative attention; we can acknowledge it for what it is, but we mustn't tell The Darkness that it is right.  

It isn't about being happy every day.  That's nonsense; no one can be happy every day of their lives.  However, we can always have a solid emotional foundation that outlives hopelessness, sadness, grief, regret, and every other emotion The Darkness throws at us.  

If we can learn to deal with The Darkness, we will never face depression.

The End

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