The Relationship Between Suffering and Selfishness

Suffering is the child of Selfishness


Many people want to know why God is allowing so many people to suffer on this Earth.  Why are so many innocent people dying?  Well, first off, it is not God's intention for people to suffer.  God loves every human being, however wicked, and has no hand in the suffering which seems so widespread across the world today. 

I don't mean to make this a religion rant, so let's cut to the chase.

Humanity brings suffering upon itself.  For every instance of pain in this world, there is an equal and opposite instance of selfishness enacted.  This pain can be physical, mental or emotional; the type of pain doesn't matter, it is all still caused by selfishness and/or sin.  Often (but not always) pain is inflicted upon those who are innocent and undeserving of such suffering (however, this is debatable, since every human is at least somewhat selfish).

This works on a small scale as well as a large scale.  Let's take a look at a classic large-scale example first.

World War II, Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party, Imperial Japan.  Let's focus on Hitler.  This man is arguably one of the most evil human beings to have ever walked the earth.  Hitler was selfish, he wanted power, and he wanted it all for himself.  He was so selfish that he insisted on directly controlling all of his armies, rather than allow military experts and strategists to take the glory.  Needless to say, Hitler's selfishness caused Europe and the world at large an incalculable amount of suffering.

There is another facet to the Suffering-Selfishness equation.  This facet is the practice of justification.  Those who are selfish and greedy tend to justify themselves by whatever means possible.  Let's look at Hitler again.  The man justified himself by antagonizing the Jewish society.  Hitler believed (or at least preached to believe) he was doing the work of God.  He believed it was God's will to have the Aryan race reign supreme over the world.

Obviously, such a ludicrous claim is completely false.  Hitler did what he did out of his own selfishness, whether or not he realized it.  Countless wars and conflicts have been fought 'for God', when in reality, it was the selfishness of rulers and corrupt men that propelled each conflict.  The crusades were supposedly fought 'in the name of God', when in reality, the church was filled with selfish leaders who wanted more money, more land and more followers.  No act of selfishness is condoned by God.

God is the most common justification-scapegoat for selfish acts.

Now, let's take a look at things on a much smaller scale.  Let's examine a break-up.

It's a classic break-up.  We'll say the girl leaves the guy.  This couple has been together for a few years, and they have created a strong, loving relationship.  They are comfortable with each other, but the girl has become restless.  She wants something else; something is bothering her about the relationship, even though she professes to love the guy.  She decides she wants something new, something that will excite her and invigorate her. 

Let's face it, is the girl really going to admit this to the guy?  Of course not.  She doesn't want to come off as selfish and greedy.  So what does she do?  She tries to find a noble way out.  Some common excuses include "You need to change, or I'm leaving" or "God is calling me away from you".  Now, what in the world is a guy going to say to that?  Not much.  The guy really doesn't have much of a choice when faced with such stark ultimatums. 

In these two particular excuses, we see that (1) The girl is shoving the blame and pressure onto the guy and (2) She is using God as a justification.  In both cases, the girl is finding a scapegoat for her selfishness.  She may even believe that her false justifications are the truth, just as so many selfish leaders believe they are going to war for noble reasons.  The truth is, God wants no part in the suffering of others, and there is nothing that the guy needs to change.  The girl is simply covering up her selfishness.

Guys can also shift blame when it comes to a break-up, but it is more common among women because they are usually more self-concious and concerned about their image.

Now, let's take a look at the relationship between selfishness and depression.

One ingredient that is absolutely necessary for depression to take place is a great deal of self pity.  In the previous chapter, I mentioned that negative thinking is an addictive behaviour.  Addictions are a product of selfishness, and an addiction to negative thinking leads directly to depression. 

Now, are depressed people selfish people?  Yes, but not in the conventional sense of the word.  They are selfish because they have allowed the addiction of negative thinking to overpower them.  The thing is, depressed people do not see another alternative.  They do not wish to be selfish and addicted, but they feel that they don't have another choice.  Many depressed people feel that they are selfish, and they are usually very guilty about it.  Depressed people may even feel intense self-hatred because of their selfishness.  Hence, they do not try to cover up their selfishness with false justifications. 

Depression is self-imposed.  Anyone can hurt us, but no one can take away our self worth.  Hence, depression is a result of selfishness.


These are only several examples out of (literally) thousands.  Look into the past, examine the various wars and conflicts which have occured throughout history.  I gaurantee you will find that the root cause of all of them was selfishness in one form or another.


For all those who suffer, selfishness is the sole culprit.


The End

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