A Toilet Bowl MurderMature

 The toilet bowl wasn’t exactly the best place to commit a murder, but hey, times are tough and every serial killer has to cut down their spending money to buy murder weapons. It’s just a little weird that such a young age a beautiful young girl could commit a horrendous act that only big, bad adults do. She wasn’t even planning to kill this boy, she was trying to pee, and this boy just popped his head over her stall and stared at her with an unnerving smile. Yeah right, she wasn’t about to put up with that kind of bullshit, so obviously, she pulled up her underwear and pants and just screamed murder at the boy who was grinning from ear to ear.

“Did you like it, huh?” she glared at him. “Was it fun? Is this your idea of being hilarious?”

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I was having a great time until you just flipped out”

                  And that’s where she lost it, all her well-kept marbles just tumbled out of her head and everything went terribly black, much like what adults do when they murder someone, they blackout, is that even true? Well, I guess it is, because I don’t really know what she sniffed or take, but she sure as hell acted very crazy. The boy looked at her and realization dawned, either he’ll get screwed up with the police or he’s gonna take some serious beating. The latter was half the answer.

                She grabbed him by the head and started to hit his head on the rim of the toilet bowl. The boy couldn’t do anything; he was petrified, the smell of piss clotted up his nose and that made him gag and squirm.

“No. Please. Stop. Please” the boy gasped every word as his forehead hit the rim of the bowl. Blood gushed out from the cut on the forehead that was slightly caving in. Blood and piss started to mix with each other, yellow and red danced slowly to the rhythmic beating of head to rim. Blood lines started to snake on the inside walls of the bowl. It was a little bit hypnotizing as the noises began to increase their speed, the blood dripping steadily, and the smell of it all  cloying up her nose, head and throat seemed to take all her willpower and replace it with a violent hate that needs to be quenched. All was well, yes, all was very well.

                  All was well except for the body with one eye drooping out of its socket and the boy’s brain matter all over the floor and walls, and of course, the blood splatters, nothing is ever complete without the blood splatters. Half of the pervert’s face was gone, and the other half is covered with blood. She staggered out of her crazy state and laughed nervously, it was weird, and why’d she laugh?

                She looked at the body and her gag reflexes started to surface up. She heaved and choked and finally vomited all over the pervert’s face. The vomit was the color of pale yellow and chunks of meat and a piece of bubblegum all spun and twirled inside the yellow mass. The smell was awful, it was like rotten meat and sour milk mixed together with acid and shit. She knelt suddenly on her knees, cupped the blood soaked rim with chunks of flesh and brain matter, and just vomited every last food and drink in her stomach, some of the vomit splashed on her face and she dry gagged into the bowl with all the blood, piss and vomit swirling in perfect harmony.

                 Nothing beats cleaning up a murder scene, all that pushing and shoving and dragging, and cleaning up the blood, vomit, and not to mention a tremendous lot of flushing just really gives you the best day of your life. When she was done, the comfort room all looked neat and tidy; she was doing such a great work that she even beat the janitor in cleaning up the public toilet. She was doing okay, she walked on home with the carnival sounds and the smell of food clinging to her like a leech.

                Pervert boy will be rotting for two months until the police will dig up his body with half of his skull turning into fine white dust. Bits of skin, meat and hair still clinging to the bone. His parents will grieve and the girl that killed him would kill two others for doing the same thing. 

The End

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