Chapter 7

"Matt get up!" Someone yells as I groggily get up.

"What? What is it?" I ask the mysterious person whom I now recognize as Selena.

"Karathas has found out about us and sent some of his men to get rid of us. We have to leave now."

"Okay!" I say as I go to grab my suitcase.

Selena grabs my arm, "There's no time! Come quickly!"

We run out of the door and take a left, as we run down the hallways we run into a pair of men dressed up in armor that makes them look like dragons. I throw fire at one and Selena uses wind to thrust him into a wall. Both are dead. Selena bends down and takes a sword from one of them.

"Use this instead of your powers, you need to save the time you have."

We run farther on, taking a right and there are three men. Selena does a front flip, throwing a fireball at each of them, then after she lands another wielding a pike comes and attacks her. Then I run through him with the sword. Together, we run straight through the hallway.

"Where's Craig?" I yell.

"In the front, he has our ride ready he's fending it off."

We open the double doors that lead to the foyer and see eight men around us. I kill two while Selena kills the other six with her powers. We run down the stairs to the second floor where there are more. Killing them also, we get to the first floor where there are a dozen men. Together, Selena and I kill them all and we leave the building.

When we get outside, we see Craig fighting a single person in hand to hand combat. Selena inhales sharply.

"What is it?"

"A draken."

Selena grabs me, runs me over to the carriage, and puts me in.

"What are you doing?"

"Saving your life. Don't get out of the carriage. The horse knows exactly where to go."

With that, she closes the door and slaps the horse causing it to trot away. I look behind me as see as the draken turns into a dragon, as do Selena and Craig, and the three of them fight viciously.

I watch until they leave my view and sit in the coach at the mercy of a horse. How a horse has memorized any path is beyond me. As the morning turns to evening, the ride ends and I open the door and look around.

All around me, I see a forest, trees as far as the eye can see, and then a bit farther.

"Aww, stupid horse. You got us lost!" I yell.

The horse sniffs the ground and I get an idea. I walk over to it and take off its reigns, freeing it from the carriage.

"Come on horse, you got us into this, now help me make a fire."

The horse, as if it could understand me, whinnies and then picks up a stick with its mouth. I stare at it for a moment, but quickly stop. There's no way that what I'm thinking about could be true. Nevertheless, within an hour the horse, which I decided to name George, and I got a nice fire going.

As we're sitting in the woods, I hear the creaking and crackling of twigs and the rustling of branches behind me. Frightened, I turn around and see a figure in a cloak come out of the bush.

"Who- who are you?" I ask, frightened.

Almost ignoring me the figure goes over to the horse and lays a hand on it. "Ah yes, you did come back. Good Avalon."

The figure takes off its hood, revealing a young woman of hardly eighteen. Her green eyes looked into my brown ones as she stared at me.

"Matthew Harris?" She asked.

"Yes, that would be my name." I replied. "Who are you?"

"You are a draken, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am, but who are you?"

"What brings you out here?"

"I was with Selena and Craig they were training me to kill Karathas but before we could finish that training we got attacked, so they sent me with this horse."

"I see." She looks back down at the horse. "Where did you end off your training?"

"I finished fire; we were going to do water next."

"Okay, follow me," then turning to the horse, "Avalon, stay here."

Avalon neighs as I follow her through the forest. Eventually, she brings me to a calm lake with a mist hanging over it. She sits cross-legged by the water's edge and beckons me to sit next to her. Acquiescing to her request, I sit down and look out over the lake.

"In this lake there is a ring, it is small and made of turquoise, find it."

"Why haven't you told me your name?"

"If you get the ring you shall know my name."

"Wait, but how, how do I trigger my control over water?"

"I won't tell you, you must discover that for yourself."

"But, Selena told me."

"Selena made you weak, by giving you the answer to your question; she took away what knowledge could be yours by experience. I will make you strong here before you go and fight Karathas."

With that, she arises and leaves me alone. As I sit along the edge of the lake, I try to become one with the waters but fail. Angry I stand up and go to leave only to have the girl suddenly appear and stop me. I look into her eyes as her hand is pressed firmly on my chest.

"You mustn't quit."

"If I could do all these superpowers by myself, don't you think I would've found them out already?"


She pushes me back a little as she corrects her position until she is standing in front of me. She stands an inch shorter than I and her blonde hair goes down her to her shoulders. Leaning in, she kisses me, sending my mind reeling and my heart pounding. She puts her hand and runs it through my hair, and then she breaks the kiss and whispers right next to my ear, "Ecstasy." After this, she lets go and walks away.

Understanding her hint I sit back down at the lake and think back on the feeling of what just happened while staring at the water, suddenly I saw a splash. As the night went on, I perfected and completed my control over water even being able to walk on it. Soon, I became one with the water and found the ring, I pulled it out of the water, and it lands into my open palm.

Opening my eyes, I look down and see the turquoise ring. "It's engraved." I say to myself.

I hold it close to my eyes and see in faint, faded letters AMANDA.

"Amanda, her name's Amanda."

The End

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