Chapter 2

The breeze whispers softly, gently, through the trees as they shake and shiver. I stand in the center of a sparse grouping of trees, the wind blowing across my bare chest, as I await Zane to strike me with a stick. Suddenly, a twig snaps. My muscles tense as I twirl around to see... nothing.

"Gotcha!" Zane yells as he smacks my head. "I win!"

I rub the sore spot as I hold out my hand, "My turn."

He hands me the stick as he closes his eyes, allowing me time to slip behind a tree, or if I'm careful enough, to climb one. I get near one of the trees, a sycamore, and I attempt to climb it. I am successful in my endeavor.

I watch from above as he opens his eyes, looking up and around. I carefully hide myself from his view, though it is difficult as I am only a couple feet above him.

He takes a few steps, attempting to look for me behind some of the trees. Instead, he lands himself in my trap. And as the spider leaps for her prey, so do I. But, my leap must have shooken the branch as he twirls around catching my stick as I come down.

"I win." Zane says as I let go of the stick.

As we are playing this game we're too carried away to really notice the passing of time. But, during one of my turns Zane sees a wall of dust and sand heading for us. Before he is able to proclaim this I manage to hit his shoulder with my stick.

"I win!" I say, excited.

But Zane simply looks out, I follow his gaze and see the same wall of dust and sand.

"The sandstorm." Zane says, "It's here."

"Damn," I cuss, "We won't be able to make it back to the farm, it's too far away."

"Let's run."

Without hesitation we turn about-face and run, grabbing our shirts, our sock and our shoes in the process. We're still running when the sandstorm catches us, we can barely see and we can hardly breath. It's then that I notice a cave.

"Zane!" I weakly yell through the sand, "Over there, a cave!"

He looks over to where I motioned and sees the mouth of the cave, nodding his head we both run for the entrance. When we enter the cave we immediately notice the cool drop in temperature. Zane sits down against a wall and I do the same.

"We'll be safe in here 'till the storm passes." I say as Zane nods his head.

While we have the time we put our clothes back on. But as time goes on of sitting there the two of us get a bit curious.

"I wonder where this leads to, eh Matt?" Zane questions.

I look at him and smile, though it's not as though he notices, "Yeah, well," I say, standing up, "There's only one way to find out."

Zane gets up too and the two of us walk down the winding passage that is the cave. As I run my fingers along the wall I notice that it rubs off. Smelling my fingers I identify it.

"It's soot."

We continue on, the light of the cave becoming less and less until we get to a place that feels a lot larger, but we cannot see anything inside it. But as we walk into this large cavern I see a small flame come out of something.

"Did you see that?" I ask Zane.

"No, see what?"

"That fire!"

"I think you're going nuts, there's no fire."

"No, you're just bli-"

Then, it happens again. Except this time a large growling sound accompanies it.

"Did you see it now, Zane?"

"Yup," Zane responds, "I did."

Zane begins to run, but I stand there frozen in fear as a dragon ran towards me. Then a blue flame is breathed out from it's nostrils. This blue flame felt tingly upon my skin, yet it did not burn. In the terror, fear and dread I feel the darkness consume me as I pass out of consciousness.

The End

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