Chapter 1

When Matthew Harris is branded by a dragon his life is no longer his own. Driven by the need to complete his mission or lose control he travels across the continent attempting to murder an evil most heinous.

The blazing sun rises over the plain, burning the morning sky. Dark shadows are cast, attempting to hide from the light and run. And a lone golden feather blows along in the light wind, calling in a dust storm from long ago.

I wake up, breathless, the terrors of the night haunting me. My mother raps on the door, telling me it's time to wake up. I grumble as I roll over and stare at the ceiling wanting to go back to bed, unfortunately, such luxuries I am not privy to.

I get up and dressed, picking out whatever is clean to wear for the day. I walk out of my room and into the kitchen, where I sit at my spot around the table. Zane, by cousin sits next to me and jabs me in the side. Immediately, I return the favor, knocking him over. Then, a miniature world war three erupts at the table, at least, with our elbows. His mom, my aunt, comes in an we immediately stop, and then laugh.

Soon, the entire family of eight is seated at the table. From left to right, starting with me is Zane, my cousin; Doug, my father; Sarah, my mother; Trilly, my aunt; Bob, my uncle; Terry, my grandpa; and then Cassie, my little sister.

As soon as we are all seated, we all bow our heads as my father proclaims a blessing over the food and then we eat. In my family everything is done very traditionally. The men work outside, doing all the farming, milking, and work to be done while the women work inside, doing all the cooking, cleaning and work to be done.

After breakfast the women clean the dishes and us men go out. Grandpa said that there was rumors of a dust storm coming later today so we should get prepared. Zane and I had to milk the cows and then sand-proof the barn.

When we had finished our job we went to go out in the field.

"Matthew, Zane!" Called our grandpa, "Don't go very far, the sandstorm will be coming soon."

"Aye aye, Grandpa!" I yelled as Zane and I ran off.

The End

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