Chapter 38

Sam turned to look at me, his eyes were full of worry. “Please be careful.”

I smiled, “I will. Slate and Clover are going to be watching over me too. I will be back before morning, I promise.” I stuck out my smallest finger. He crossed his with mine and we shook. My mother had stayed inside, to upset to say goodbye.

Slate gently tapped me on the back. Without turning around, I nodded. I gave a final goodbye to Sam and vanished. Slate kept up with my speed the whole time. He would sometimes push me in the right direction if I started to stray off. Our destination was the Angel hospital.

Tonight, we were going to try and force Madoc and Diana to surrender. They gave me a small job, of course. I was to draw them out by making myself seen. Clover and Slate would hide nearby, making sure that nothing went wrong.

Clover was using her chameleon ability to hide by the building. Slate was somewhere farther off, hiding under a plant. I didn't know where Akira and Bane were, but they were going to be the ones to capture our Angels.

I took a deep breath, time to start. “Hello? Is anyone there? Come on, Madoc, don't tell me you are scared.” It worked, the lights went on inside. A few faces peered through the windows. Madoc stood inside the building. He looked around, searching for the other Demons.

“How nice to see you again my dear. Of course I am not scared of you. I just did not expect you here so late. May I ask the occasion?”

“I want to know why you want me so much. None of the Demons would tell me, so I decided to ask you. Would you tell me?”

Diana walked next to him, she appeared irritated. “And what if we do? What are you going to do for us?”

Madoc placed his hand on her arm. I noticed that they wore matching pajamas. I resisted the urge to wrinkle my nose. How gross, matching clothes. “Now now, Diana. Let her know. The Demons probably haven't figured it out yet. And she deserves to know.”

Madoc took a few steps outside. He cast another look around before settling his eyes on me. I noticed amusement. Something felt wrong, if I didn't see them myself, I would say that this wasn't really Diana and Madoc.

My eyes widened, it was a trap. I tried to call out to Bane and Akira, who were now moving towards the couple, but they didn't listen. I did the only other thing I could think of at that moment, I ran inside the building. They must be watching us from somewhere.

I Bane yell in anger. I frowned, I had been right. Now I just needed to find the real couple. They must be in one of the rooms. After running up the stairs and across the floor that held the bedrooms, I stopped.

They weren't in the rooms. We were looking at the rooms. I looked up at the ceiling. They were on the roof. I smiled, gotcha.

I flash jumped to the top of the stairs. At the door, I hesitated. Did they notice I wasn't there? I shook my head, it was too late now, and we needed to find them. I couldn't afford to let Madoc and Diana escape.

I shoved the door open, it swung in the air lazily. I looked around, no one was there. Maybe I was wrong. I took a step out of the doorway. The door behind me slammed shut. I spun around with wide eyes.

“Naughty girl. Using my secrets against me. Too bad Diana watched you come up.” I focused behind Madoc. Diana stood there with a glowing ball. The images of Clover and Slate were in it. Agels were surrounding them. I growled at Diana.

“Such a brave child. But there is nothing you can do to stop us.” My body shifted, much faster than it had before. I stood in front of Madoc and Diana. Diana laughed.

“You were right, she is weak. A deer? What can that do to stop us?” I found feel antlers on top of my head. With a snort, I charged Madoc. He took a step, easily avoiding me. I did the same thing, with the same results.

“That isn't going to work, Alecia. Why don't you try something different?” I ignored him and did the same thing. Diana started moving with him to avoid my antlers as well. Finally, Madoc became tired with my game. He grabbed my antler when it came for him. I twisted and shoved him another few steps back.

Diana sneered. “This isn't going to work. We can avoid you all night. The Angels will be coming soon.” Madoc looked around. He narrowed his eyes at me once he found out what I had done.

“You little brat!”

My body changed before either of them could do anything. I had the staff in my hand. I flipped it around so the end faced Madoc. “Yes I am.” He continued to seethe. I kept my face emotionless. I was trying to figure out what to do next. If only I had some rope...

A rope appeared at my feet. Madoc and Diana glanced at the rope with confusion. I did the same as well. Did I do that? Maybe it was one of my abilities? But didn't Bane, Akria, and I agree that astral-traveling and reading people's memories was my abilities?

I decided to test it. “Wrap them up.” The rope twitched before tying itself securely around the couple. Diana screamed in anger. I smiled, I did it. Maybe the other powers were actually one?

Akira, Bane, Clover, and Slate were behind me as soon as they heard the scream. They took in the scene. I let my staff vanish and stood proudly.

“It seems that we underestimated you. Good job, Alecia. Now, let's take them back. Clover needs to be taken care of as well. She got a pretty nasty cut from one of those Angels.” I agreed. Akira and Bane stayed back with Madoc and Diana, letting the Angels know they had lost.

Slate and I flashed clover back to my house. Sam and my mother hurried out of the house. My mom's eyes went to Clover instantly. She hurried us in and ran upstairs to grab her medical kit. She came back down and started working on the cut.

“It's not deep, so I won't have to sew it up. But you need to rest. Go and take Alecia's room.” Clover walked upstairs and slipped into my room. My mother placed a hand on her hip and glared at Slate. “You need that wound taken care of too. Don't think you can hide something like that from me, mister. I have dealt with Alecia long enough to know when someone is hurt.”

He let my mother take care of him before walking up to my room as well. My mother turned to me and let out a sigh. She looked me over before nodding tightly. She walked into the kitchen to make some food.

“She is going to have a feast ready. Get prepared.” I nodded at Sam in agreement.

An hour later she called us. She told Sam to go upstairs and wake up Slate and Clover. He did so. A minute later, he came back down shaking his head.

“What is the matter Sam? Where are Clover and Slate,” my mom asked.

“They are gone.”

What?” I stood up and ran upstairs. I hurried into my room. He was right, they were gone. No trace of them remained.

The End

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