Chapter 36

“Haha! I did it,” I shifted back into a human and glared triumphantly at Slate. He stood off to the side, watching me lazily.
“Are you sure? I thought I still saw horns.” I narrowed my eyes. There was no way, I had done it! He was just messing with me. He leaned against a tree and raised his eyebrow.
“I did too! You are lying! I am going to practice with Bane.” Bane had offered earlier, but I had thought it would be easier to train with Slate. After all, he was my Demon. I guess that didn't matter much. He just shook his head as I stormed off.
Bane met me outside the forest. I stared at him in surprise. “Slate said you were searching for me. You want to train with me?”
I nodded, “yes, Slate is being mean.” Bane laughed and gestured for me to follow.
“Did Slate mention that we have completely decoded the Angel's plans to destroy all Demons? He probably didn't, knowing him. So they are planning on informing all humans about the existence of Demons, the way humans mostly see them. Then they will show themselves as Angels. The one full of purity and kindness.”
I snorted, “well that is going to turn into the witch trials all over again. What's the plan to stop 'em?”
“We are going to force Madoc and Diane to obey us, or something like that. Then I will take control and blah, blah, blah.”
I laughed at his bored expression. He quickly rounded on me, a small knife appearing in his hands. He attacked with it, I dodged and concentrated on calling my own weapon. It was hard to do. I was focusing more on the blade in front of me.
“Not going to attack back? Or maybe you can't. Maybe the Angel part is too strong for you.” I glared and called forth my weapon. He attacked, but I didn't dodge, keeping my attention on calling my weapon. Just before the blade met my arm, a long staff glowed in my hand. I moved to dodge. The staff caught in the ground and I fell.
“You must communicate with your weapon. It knows how to be used, you just have to listen.” He let his weapon vanish and glanced at me. I stuck out my tongue and did the same.

Akira came out of the shadows of the trees. I wasn't sure how long he had been there, I didn't notice him before. He made a small movement that I didn't catch, and Bane quickly walked over. I followed him. Without making a noise, Akira lead us back to the house. Clover and Slate were already there, waiting. I felt my heart sink.

“What happened now?”

Clover laughed, “Nothing, we just wanted to show you something. Slate has been working on it whenever you weren't nearby. He just finished it.”

Slate glared at Clover, “just be quiet, no one wants to know.” Clover smiled slyly and walked inside. Akira and Bane gently pushed me inside. I looked around the corner into the living room. Clover blocked most of the door but I could see parts of it. It looked like a giant piece of paper with faces on it. I blink, why would he make a poster full of faces? I didn't even know the people on there.

I walked up to Clover and she moved. I took in the living room. I was right before, a giant piece of paper stood in the middle of the room. Faces were stuck on it with tape. The thing I didn't notice before was that all of those faces led down to one three I recognized instantly.

“It's my family tree...” I trailed off, confused.

“Yep,” Clover chirped. “Using some Demon and Angel magic, with a little help from the internet, we made a family tree. But this family tree shows how you got your powers.” I looked closer, written under the faces was information about each person. About every three generations, someone had Angel or Demon written under them.

“So my mom had Angel, and my dad had Demon. Wow, that's crazy. Who would have thought?” I studied the tree, taking in every detail. My great-grandparents had been Angels and Demons. Somehow my parents had the same amount of the powers in them, and were of the same generation. That takes a lot of luck.

“Uh-huh. So we have successfully proved to Slate that he had nothing to do with your transformation. And you won't turn into some crazy, blood-thirsty monster.” Clover jumped slightly, keeping the balls of her feet on the floor. I turned to Akira, who was smiling slightly.

“That is also why the Angels want you. Only two people besides Bane knew what he was, which would be his parents. The Angels. found out about you though. If they had a mix, they could convince the person to help them, and they could find out a lot of secrets about Demons. It would have been a horrible war.”

“So what now,” Clover and I asked at the same time. We both stifled giggles as we looked at each other.

“So now,” Bane started, “we will make a plan to stop Diana and Madoc. If you wish, you can stay and help, Alecia. We could really use it. But of course we would understand if-”

“I am staying. Every time I leave, something happens. So what do you want me to do?”

The End

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