Chapter 35

I flicked my ears and turned around. Brown and white fur met my eyes

"I am a doe?"

The shadow chuckled. "I told you. Luckily, I can help you with that. Let us get the girl first." I turned towards Clover. She seemed nervous, but she held her ground. I took a step in her direction. Slate tensed up, watching me carefully.

“Yes, that's it. Keep going.” I took another step, getting used to my balance. Four legs was much different than two, plus my vision was strange. I moved closer to Clover, the shadow was getting more excited with every step. Clover started laughing, I tilted my head to the side, curious.

“You have antlers! You are a male deer!” Clover started laughing again. Akira looked thoughtful.

“Maybe it is the Angel part. Horns would be the only weapon a deer could hold.” The shadow sneered.

“What do they know?” I took another my last step towards Clover. She stopped laughing, watching me. I moved close enough to let my nose touch her. I waited until she tensed up, frightened before I licked her on the cheek.

Her expression slowly changed. She went from scared, to confused, to shocked, and finally angry. As the last emotion crossed her face, I ran. I could hear her footsteps behind me. I went to ran around a tree but I fell backwards. It took me a moment to realize I had hit the tree with my antlers. Shaking my head, I tried to steady myself.

A deep chuckle came from behind me. I turned around, wary of my antlers, and faced Slate. He shook his head at me and continued to laugh.

“And I thought you might hurt someone. Now I am worried you will knock yourself out.” I glared, the best I could, and watched his body glow.

“How do you manage to get used to walking and looking at everything differently,” I asked him telepathically.

“You will adjust to it after a while. It just takes practice.” He walked around, proving his point. A dark shadow appeared in the middle of our group. Everyone's eyes landed on it. It glared at me.

“Don't ignore me, you stupid girl! I will take control of you! I did it before.” I tilted my head to the side, realization hitting me. It didn't control me last time, it made me think Slate was the shadow. That meant it could do illusions somehow. Something I couldn't do. So maybe...

My body changed back into a human. I took a step towards the shadow. It glared at me and I smiled sweetly.

“Oh, Madoc dear, Why don't you come and play with us? Or are you to scared?” I could feel the hate rolling off the shadow.

“How did you figure that out,” It asked me.

“You messed up. I didn't notice it at first, but it just came to me. When I attacked Slate, I did it because I thought it was the shadow. Which meant an illusion. I can't do illusions, my power is to astral project somewhere, and take peoples memories. Like I did with Slate. Plus, the voice sounded a little familiar.” The shadow glared and started to change into Madoc.

“Smart girl, but shouldn't you keep your abilities secret?”

I shrugged, “How are you going to use those against me? Sure, you used Slate's, but it didn't do very much damage. What is the worst you can do? Make someone think I was somewhere else? You could do that anyway. The important thing is, I know your power now.”

He narrowed his eyes, “This isn't the end.”

I rolled my eyes, “shocker there. I will see you later then. Buh-bye.” He glared and vanished. Bane looked worried.

“I'm sorry, the alarm must have not gone off.”

I looked at him, “he wasn't really there. It was an illusion. Just like the cut he gave me.” I held up arm to prove my point. The cuts were gone, with no sign of ever being there. “What I really want to know, is if those antlers can go away. They are my Angel weapons, right? So shouldn't they go away if I want them too?”

“They should. We can see later. First, I want you to take a nap. All of this has exhausted you. Even if you don't realize it.” I agreed and walked back towards the house with Slate at my side. He watched me. I stayed quiet until I couldn't stand it.

“Is something the matter, Slate?”

He shook his head, “No, I just can't believe you are the little girl I saved eight years ago. I never would have guessed that someone in your distant family had Angel and Demon abilities.”

I paused, “I wonder if we could figure out who it was. And how many generations it skipped.”

“Well, your mom definitely doesn't have it. I am not sure about your grandparents. Maybe it was on your dad's side.” I nodded, that was a possibility.

The End

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