Chapter 33

A stick slammed into my side. I let out a small cry of surprise and jumped back. The attacker followed, swinging the stick again. I managed to dodge, barely. The attacker vanished. I blinked and looked around.

A rustle made me look up. I was met with gray eyes. The stick hit me in my side. I hit the ground, gasping for air. My attacker started to swing the stick yet again. I tried to get up, but I fell back down. A grin met my eyes.

“Clover! I said train her! Not kill her.” The stick fell beside me. I looked up to face Slate. “How hard did you hit her?”

Clover shrugged, “As hard as I could. I went as fast as I could too. You should have seen her. She is strong, and fast. The change is doing her a lot of good.”

Slate pulled me up. “Lift up your shirt.” I glared at him. He just sighed and yanked it up himself.

“Hey! Stop it! Slate, I mean it.” He ignored me and scanned my stomach for bruises.

“I thought she hit you as hard as she could?” He appeared confused. Clover blew the bangs out of her face and crossed her arms.

“Do you listen to anything? I swear, as soon as I mention that Alecia is hurt, you block everything else out. I did hit her as hard as I could-”

“Then why aren't there any bruises?”

Clover growled, gray eyes flashing in irritation. “Well first off, I only hit her four times, the rest she managed to dodge. And she is getting our strength. It will probably bruise in a few hours, but it probably didn't hurt that much.”

He looked at me, silently asking if I was alright, “She is right, it felt like someone pushed me, nothing more. I just had the wind knocked out of me. I didn't notice how fast we were going, but I did match her speed, mostly.”

“Once she learns how to attack, she will be unstoppable. Alecia is very stubborn, a lot like you.” Slate ignored her and grabbed the stick she dropped. He tossed it to me and grabbed another one that rested nearby.

Without warning, he vanished. I felt a rush of wind behind me and spun around. I lifted up the weapon resting in my hand. They crashed together and he pulled back. He charged towards me and I dodged. Slate attacked again. I tried to block, but he moved in a different direction. He hit my leg and I stepped back to avoid another attack. I ran behind him and tried to hit him. He blocked it and attacked my other leg.

“Don't leave yourself open when you attack,” he panted, “if they manage to block, you will be in trouble.” I smiled, glad I was tiring him out. I caught movement in the corner of my eye and turned around.

Another crack as my back was hit. “Don't get distracted.” I blocked the next attack.

“What if it is another attacker?” I went towards him, making sure I had my openings covered.

He blocked easily, “Don't be predictable. You can pay attention to what is moving, but don't give it your full attention. The person attacking you is more important for the moment.” He managed to move my stick away. He went to hit my shoulder, but missed. I went in for his chest, pushing him back.

He looked started. I stuck out my tongue and laughed. “Ha! I got you! I suffered a few bruises, but I got you!” He laughed and dropped his stick.

“Yes you did. That was a good job. You managed to distract me enough to attack. I am proud of you, little one.”

I scowled, “I am not little.”

“No, but I am much, much older than you,” He said with a laugh.


“Fine, I will not call you little one anymore. How about Maribelle?” I glared at him, dropping my stick and attacking him. He flipped us over so I fell on top of him. He pinned me down. I glared at the smug smile and tried to catch my breath.

“Maribelle it is then. Don't let your anger win. Channel it to your fight.” I glared at him and tried to push him off. Slate just smiled, refusing to move.

“Kill him already, he is basically asking for it,” I heard the voice hiss. I shook my head and turned to the old man beside us. He watched us with amusement.

“I do not think that voice can be killed.”

“Pity,” I muttered. I could hear the voice laughing, it said I would bow down to it soon enough. I just rolled my eyes. Slate shifted slightly to get a better position. I tried to move again but he pinned my arms down and leaned close.

“No such luck, Mira.”

“Aw, you two are so cute!” I rolled my eyes at Clover while Slate chuckled.

“Like I would date someone 'much, much older than me'.” Slate rolled his eyes.

“I'm thirsty,” I heard the voice whine. Everything went black. I glanced around. Above me, instead of Slate, was the shadow. It had a smile on it's face. It's red eyes gleamed with amusement.

“That boy is so sweet. I bet his blood is sweet too. It will be such a waste to spill. I might have to kill him last. Of course, I will make sure you watch.” I struggled under the form. It just laughed and held on tighter. I could feel my arms bruising where his fingers touched me.

“I am much stronger than you will ever be. Remember that, Alecia.” I closed my eyes. With a quick movement, I flipped us over, so I was on top.

“I am not as weak as I look. And if you keep bragging you will never get anywhere.” Fury replaced amusement.

“Your friends are calling for you Alecia, hurry back. Don't keep them waiting. We will finish this another time.” With that the shadow appeared and, slowly, so did the surrounding darkness.

The End

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