Chapter 32

Slate's POV

I watched the mirror in front of me. Alecia was being trapped in a classroom by an old, balding man. I paceed in front of the mirror infuriated. She was in trouble and I couldn't do anything to save her, none of us could.

With a deadly growl, I turned to face the mirror yet again. She walked through a hallway with other teenagers. They must have been in the room as well. I hadn't been paying attention. The only thing that passed through my head was Alecia. The Angels must be behind this somewhere.

“Have you seen your sister?” I didn't turn away from the mirror to face Bane.

“No, the last time I saw her, she was in her room sulking.” I continued watching the mirror, Alecia's eyes had dulled to a pale blue. She was walking, but it seemed automatic.

“I tracked her to the edge of the barrier. She was headed to the Angel base.” My eyes closed briefly.

“Damn it, what is she doing?” I heard a gasp from the mirror and I concentrated on what it showed. Alecia's eyes had dulled to a faint blue. Her eyes closed and she fell to the ground.

“Alecia!” My eyes darkened. What was going on? I felt a hand on my shoulder. Without looking I knew it was Akira.

“I should be there to protect her. If I could control my powers, I could be there.” My vision was limited, I could see nothing but the pale face in the mirror.

“You must make a choice, Slate. She can be saved, but it might turn her.” There was a pause. “She might be turning now-”

“What do you mean she is turning now? I thought she was safe?”

Akira let out a weary sigh, “I do not know what is going on. Her mind might be trying to remind her of what we erased. Either way you need to choose whether to save her, with the strong possibility she will change. Or you can leave her alone, let her take care of herself, and hope she doesn't remember.

My hands turned to fists beside me. Red clouded my vision. This wasn't fair, she is supposed to be safe now. I closed my eyes, trying to calm down.

“I am going to save her,” I answered roughly.

Alecia's POV

“Are you alright?” I heard a tense whisper and I looked up. One of the girls in my class was sitting next to me. I had been dumped into a bus seat.

“Yeah, I am fine. Where are we?” She shrugged helplessly.

“I don't know. He just told us to get on the bus. No one objected. That boy up there carried you onto the bus.” I looked towards where she was pointing. A boy with dull black hair sat in the front seat, next to Mr. Greyson. I moved my gaze away from the boy and looked out the window.

I let out a gasp, we were leaving the town! Where could he be taking us though? Something seemed familiar, I just couldn't place it. It was as if my head was trying to keep the thoughts away. I wonder why.

“Do you think he has gone crazy?” The girl beside me shook in fear. I noticed I was shaking too, but from anger instead.

“I have no idea. Either way, it's best to play along until we can escape.” She nodded and stopped talking after that. I watched out of the window, until we left the town. After that, I studied our surrounding, trying to find land marks. Something I could use to direct myself back home.

I felt someone push me. Looking up, I noticed it was the girl. She looked at the front of the bus with wide eyes. “Look,” She whispered frantically. I glanced up.

Before us was a hospital. It seemed newer than most, but I was busy trying to guess why Mr. Greyson would bring us to a hospital in the middle of nowhere. Why was there a hospital in the middle of nowhere anyway?

“Alright, everyone get ready. We will be arriving shortly. Alecia, come here.” I stood up and walked forwards on the bus, trying not to fall whenever it hit a pothole. “Good,” he muttered when I made it over to him, “Alecia and will be walking through first. I will be in the back, making sure no one tries anything.” I could see panic in everyone's eyes.

The bus stopped and Mr. Greyson gave me a rough shove, causing me to fall out of the bus. I walked towards the building slowly. Taking in my surroundings. There were no trees nearby. Nothing to hide behind at all. Even guards walked around, watching the area.

Someone stepped out of the building. His eyes were a sharp hazel and he had pale brown hair. I walked towards him. He smiled and opened his arms.

“My name is Madoc, welcome to our hospital.” His eyes were trained on me. I glanced at him before sending him a smile.

“Ah, Alecia. How nice to see you again.” An image flashed in my head, the dark shadow with menacing red eyes.

“Stop it,” I screamed. Madoc watched me with confusion. I glared at him with all the hate I could muster. “Stop messing with my teachers. Stop messing with my life!” He took a step back as I walked towards him, purpose in my stride.

He grabbed my arms, pulling me closer. I kicked him in the knee and started running. I ran inside, trying to find a place to hide.

“Get back here, Alecia. I want to help you remember everything.” The shadow came back, this time closer. I flinched, trying to shake it off. Hearing his panting breaths, I ran into the nearest door.

Someone was already inside it though. A girl, with short blue hair. She looked up form the book she was reading to glance at me. Her gray eyes widened.

“Alecia, it's you.”

The End

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