Chapter 30

“What do you think you are doing? Didn't you hear Akira? We are not supposed to be near her.”

Clover looked at Slate evenly, “Why do you never say her name?”

He looked at her confused, “whose name?”

“Alecia's.” Slate flinched and turned away. Clover didn't press him, but she watched his eyes carefully.

A sigh, “I didn't let her see me, Slate. I don't see why it matters. I am not the one that will turn her into a 'monster'.” Slate glared. Before he let his anger bubble up, he walked swiftly out of the room.

Clover watched him leave. She let out a saddened sigh before settling down on her bed. Why did he have to be so stubborn? If he would just admit he misses Alecia, everything would be a lot smoother. Clover didn't blame him. She missed Alecia too, and she hadn't lived with the girl for eight years.

Clover brightened, She would be able to see Alecia if she turned. How bad could it be anyway?

“I went through it, he is just paranoid. Besides, I bet the only reason she left was to make him happy.” Satisfied with her logic, she slid off the bed. Time for a little exercise.

Outside the hospital, Clover let her senses take control. Sight wouldn't help her any, she closed her eyes. Letting her other senses roam freely, she searched for the Angel. She growled and opened her eyes again. He was gone, she didn't know where.

Clover felt her bones shift as a small black cat took her place. She crouched low in the grass, making sure no Angel could see her. Deciding to wait for the Angel to return, she closed her eyes yet again.

After only a few minutes, she jumped up in irritation. What did that darn Angel have to do that was so important? Didn't he know she was waiting for him? Clover shook her head, of course he didn't. He didn't even know she was here.

“Waiting for someone, Demon?” Clover jumped in fright. How did she miss any noise? She was in a field of grass, sounds should be heard before anything became close enough to be a threat. The only noise she had heard was a faint popping sound...

Well duh.

Shooting a glare at the Angel, she let her body change back to the human form she possessed. The Angel watched it with interest.

“Yeah, I was waiting for you. You are Madoc right?”

The Angel sent her a sly smile, one that sent shivers up her spine. “That would be me. Who wants to know?”

She stuck out her hand, “The name is Clover. I have a proposition for you.”

~ ~ ~

Alecia's POV

“Well class, today I decided we would take a field trip.” Everyone in the class instantly quieted. Mr. Greyson had been acting strange all day. We had never taken a field trip with him. He hated bus rides.

“Well? Everyone get up!” I raised my hand meekly.

“Sir? Could we at least know where we are going?” His neck turned a dark red.

“Do you not trust me? Would you like to lead math class?” I shook my head no and looked down. Stupid, grumpy, old teacher. Everyone stood up warily, keeping their eyes on the teacher. He seemed different than usual, more jumpy. My eyes widened, this wasn't a scheduled trip.

On an impulse, I went towards the door to walk out. He got to the door before me and locked it, slipping the key into his pocket with a grin.

“I don't think so. Get your stuff ready.” I did as he asked, processing the possible ways to escape. Mr. Greyson kept his eyes on me the whole time. I made sure my face was blank as I grabbed my books.

“Slate,” I whispered. Stopping, I scowled. Why would I ask a type of rock for help? Or was it a name? I shook my head, it didn't matter, I don't know anyone by that name.

“Did you say something?” I looked at Mr. Greyson. His eyes were clouded over, but I could see anger in the dark circles.

“No sir.” He seemed pleased with my answer. One girl from the opposite side of the classroom let out a squeak and his eyes instantly turned to her. She shook, trying in vain to pretend that everything was normal.

“Is everyone ready? Let's go!” We followed after Mr. Greyson in a single line. No one dared to make a sound. My mind ran through my memories over and over again, like a broken tape, replaying the same sound until the listener was sick of it.

A scene from my trip to Florida. A group had decided to walk in the forest. I became distracted by the flowers and stopped to take pictures. I had become separated from the rest of my group and wandered around lost for a few hours.

The scene changed slightly whenever it started again. In one repeat, the trees were not towering pines. Instead they were the limber aspens from near our house. The flowers flickered through different colors. And at one point a boy stood in front of me. He had snow white hair with piercing green eyes.

The scene repeated again. This time a dog stood before me. He was rust colored with dark black stripes. His eyes were a soft brown. I watched the scene change yet again. This time a black figure with murderous red eyes watched me with amusement.

“Not much longer now, Alecia. Just accept me and your pain will be over before you know it.” The image slowly faded, replaced with peaceful blackness. The last thing I heard was someone faintly calling my name.

The End

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