Chapter 29

“That is very helpful, thank you.” Madoc rubbed his hands together happily. Alecia couldn't remember anything. Now all they had to do was convince her the Demons were bad and to join them. Madoc paused. Well that is what Diana said. He thought it would be much easier to just destroy her.

According to the Angel that just left, that would be easy to do. He just had to get her near Slate. That shouldn't be too hard. Maybe a field trip was in order. The only problem was that barrier. Bane would know the instant he stepped near the town.

“Find one of her teachers that live out of town,” Madoc snapped. The Angels nearby scurried to do what he requested. He smiled, this was fun.

One of the Angels walked up to him, “We have one, her math teacher. He lives just past the barrier.” Madoc snatched the paper up and looked at the image. Madoc closed his eyes and imagined the small wooden house. The air around him warped. The smell of rain and dirt invaded his senses.

The man lived alone, that much was obvious. Trash had been spread out all over the yard, probably by some woodland creature. The math teacher stormed out of his house with a broom. He was short, stooped over from age. His balding gray hair and round figure didn't help his image any.

“What do you want? I am not buying anything!”

“I was not selling anything. I wanted to talk to you about one of your students. My name is Dr. Reed.” Madoc stepped closer to the man and slung an arm around his shoulder. “Let us talk inside.” The man followed warily. When the man turned, Madoc smiled, showing off his pointed teeth.

~ ~ ~

I stood up and placed my hands on my back. The clock said four. We had an hour left until my mom came home.

“Did you find that curtain yet?”

“No, I think they might have dragged it upstairs. Look under the beds,” I yelled upstairs. Sam sighed and turned around. I bent down to look under the couch, nothing. Not even dirt. All we had left to do was find the magic curtain. Then the cleaning would be over. Light at the end of the tunnel.

A whine came from behind me. I bit my lip and looked at the puppies. “I will only let you out if you tell me where the curtain is at.” Star barked and wagged her tail.

“Fine.” I walked over to the cage. Star shot out quickly and ran upstairs. I chased after her, forgetting Lucky for a moment. Sam yelled when Star ran under his feet.

“What are you doing? I thought we weren't letting them out?”

I shrugged, “she said she knew where the curtain was.” He sighed and rubbed his forehead. I walked into the bathroom to find Star. She stood in front of the tub, tail wagging happily. When she noticed us, she let out a bark and tried to peer into the tub.

I looked up over the edge of the tub to see a green curtain spread out over the bottom. I lifted it up and smiled to Sam.

“I am going to wash this. Can you think of anything else we are missing?”

“Nope, I think we have everything.” I walked downstairs to the laundry room and shoved the green cloth into the washer. I heard the door swing open and turned around. Lucky sat on the floor with a toy in her mouth. She looked at me and ducked her head with a whine.

“You are the cutest thing ever. We will play outside.” I grabbed the tennis ball from her mouth and walked outside Sam was already there playing Tug-of-war with Star.

“Wrapped you around her little finger, didn't she?”

Sam gestured towards me, “You too it looks like.” I nodded and tossed the ball. Lucky bolted in the direction of the ball with all her might. I chuckled at the sight. The puppy managed to stay upright even after tripping over her own paws every other step.

An unfamiliar car pulled into the driveway. I turned to the red truck with a questioning glance. It pulled to a stop right beside the door. My mom stepped out of the passenger side door, straightening her skirt as she did so.

“Mom? What happened, where is the car?”

“It over heated. One of my work friends dropped me off. How were the puppies today?”

I flashed her a fake smile, “They were perfect. I told you we could handle them.” She raised an eyebrow and walked inside the house.

“A handful huh?” She smiled at me, “I did tell you.”

“How did you figure that out? We cleaned the whole place spotless.”

“Yes you did, and when has my daughter ever cleaned so much with my telling her to?” I blinked. Even when I cleaned, I got in trouble.

“At least we cleaned it up. That shows we can handle it right?” She sighed.

“I guess so.” I jumped and spun around to head back outside. Lucky noticed me and came barreling through the tall grass, ball placed safely in mouth. She made it over to me and dropped the ball. I picked up the now drool covered ball gingerly and tossed it towards the forest.

A faint shadow skirted across the forest edge. I moved closer, trying to see it better. A flash of blue was all that I could see before the shadow disappeared completely.

The End

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