Chapter 28

“Grab that dog,” I hollered. Sam slid down the stairs trying to keep up with it. Thankfully, mom had left for work early this morning. The puppies had been sweet yesterday, but now were running through the house with evil amounts of energy. The living room was covered with dog food and trash expertly snatched out of the can. Noticing a flash of brown, I spun in time to catch Lucky dragging a bar of soap into my mom's room.

“That better be to clean up your mess,” I growled chasing after the puppy. For some reason, I thought this would be much easier. I slid to a stop in front of the door to see Lucky batting the soap around the room. Nothing had been broken yet. I sighed in relief. Snatching the puppy up, I hurried downstairs.

“Told you we would need a dog cage eventually. I just thought that we wouldn't need it unless we took the dog somewhere,” Sam ignored me. He was circling the couch with a frown on his lips. I gently pushed Lucky into the cage and locked the door. Immediately, she looked up and gave me a small whine. I bit the inside of me cheek to avoid letting her back out.

“Ha! I got you, you little sneak.” Sam triumphantly held up Star. He locked the puppy into the cage as well. I took in the house.

“Mom is going to kill us.” I looked at the clock. It was only ten in the morning. She didn't get home until five. That gave us plenty of time to take care of the mess.

“I take upstairs, you get the bottom floor.” Sam hurried upstairs before I could protest. Not that I would, even if there is more space down here, the pups had been upstairs the majority of the time. I started working on the living room first. That room was the worst. I grabbed the vacuum and a broom. I started with the trash first, re-placing it into another trash bag.

“I just had to get the stupid puppies.”

~ ~ ~

“Wow, she is something else without her memory.” Bane watched Alecia throw the sheets into a laundry basket. Her face was one of irritation.

“Yes, she seems to be changing back too,” Akira glanced at the mirror as well. He heard Slate sigh from behind him. Slate had been pacing around the last two days with worry. No one was quite sure if Alecia would change back or not. Living with Slate for eight years had done damage on her.

“Now all I have to do is stay away from her and she will be alright?”

Akira turned to Slate, “Yes, but not just for a while. You can never meet her again in person. And the less she remembers the better.” Slate nodded, making sure to pay attention even though he had heard the same thing over and over again the last few days. Clover was no where to be seen. No one had heard from her since Alecia left.

Akira had warned all of them not to talk to Alecia. If she remembered anything, Slate's magic might come back and turn her. While most people couldn't ever get their memories back, Alecia had doen so before against Angel magic. Demon magic might be as easy for her to break. She was in a dangerous position and even the tiniest upset in her memories could make everything crumble to dust.

“So all we need to do is find out how to protect her from the Angels without her knowing what is going on,” Slate asked. His eyes stayed glued to the mirror. A whine had just come from somewhere off of the screen, and Alecia watched it with guilt.

“Yes, I have set a barrier to alert us if any Angel comes near the town, but that is all it can do. The perimeter is too wide for me to put anything stronger up,” Bane glanced at another mirror they had set up. This one showed the town in different angles. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and that alone was enough to send a shill up Bane's spine. Madoc should be trying something by now. Alecia was in the open.

“I agree. They must be planning something.” Bane jumped.

“Could you not read my mind. There is some things I would like to keep private.” Akira just continued to stare at the mirror showing Alecia. He seemed uneasy, a first for the elder Demon.

“Do you think she will act any different? About half of her life has been erased. That could traumatize her body.”

“I know. She might but I doubt it. The feeling should still stay with her even if her memories don't. But I have never had to erase someone's life this much. Plus, she behaves strange compared to the other humans I have worked with.”

Bane glanced at him, “That is what's bothering you, isn't it? That she might not be human. But she has to be, right? Only humans get Angels and Demons.”

Akira didn't answer immediately. He watched the mirrors. When nothing popped out to him, he sighed and closed his eyes. Opening them again he headed for the door.

Before he left the room he answered Bane in a whisper, “She might not be fully human.” Bane stared after Akira for a few minutes, mouth hanging open. What had he gotten himself into? This seemed so simple in the beginning.

Glancing at the girl whose personality matched her hair. He shook his head and walked out as well. “What exactly are you Alecia?”

The Angel snickered and walked away from the building. Madoc would love the information he had found. Maybe even happy enough to forgive him for the mistake about letting the girl get the files containing all of their plans. He closed his eyes and disappeared. Only to appear again in front of the Angel base. Rubbing his hands, the Angel eagerly walked through the front doors.

Things were going to get interesting.

The End

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