Chapter 27

"Good morning. Don't you look wonderful?" I glared at Sam before continuing my tromp down the stairs. He just laughed before closing his door again. My hair was frozen into bright orange spikes, and I was wearing old jeans and a tank top. They were almost stiff from how much I had worn them.

"I still can't believe you went on a two week long school trip and only brought two sets of clothes." I ignored Sam and grabbed a laundry basket and a piece of toast. Munching on my butter covered toast, I walked back upstairs. Picking up my dirty clothes, including the ones I wore, I shoved them all into the basket. I didn't have very many since I had been gone for the last two weeks. After taking a quick shower and changing into something clean, I walked back downstairs. Sam had five pieces of toast on his plate. I snagged one and bit into it.

"I hope I am not being graded for that field trip, I can't remember anything."

"You went to Florida, for two weeks, and cannot remember a single thing?" I shrugged and bit into my toast again.

"I have a bad memory I guess. So what have you done while I have been gone?"

He started sulking, "your mom made me clean everything. My hands are about to fall off. Don't even get me started on my back." I laughed while snatching another piece of toast off of his plate. He glared at me before looking around.

"Something the matter?"

"For some reason I thought you had a dog." I started laughing again.

"Me? A dog? Are you on something? I have never, ever, had a dog."

"I know but I could have sworn... just never mind."

"Maybe you had a dream about a dog. That might mean it needs your help. We should go look in the animal shelter and see if any catch your eye." I grabbed my mom's keys off the counter and walked outside. Sam followed me, his last slice of bread shoved into his mouth. I rolled my eyes.

"You are so disgusting." He tried to reply but I couldn't understand him. Instead I slipped into the car and grabbed the wheel. Sam hated when I drove, and I planned to make him as scared as possible. He narrowed his eyes at my posture and grabbed his seat belt. I stuck the keys in and started the car.

"Hi ho hi ho. Off to the shelter we go."

"You watch too many Disney movies." I smiled at him and hit the gas. His eyes grew wide and I laughed. So much fun.

"We should take drives more often. This is some good alone time between friends."
Grasping the handle on the top of the car tighter he spoke, "after I get my drivers license."

"Stop being such a baby. We aren't even going over." He just gripped the handle harder and closed his eyes. I swerved a little and his eyes popped back open.

"We are almost there. Calm down a little." I pulled into the parking lot and shut off the engine. Sam eased his hand off of the handle. He opened the door.

"I think I will walk home."

"Whatever. Let's go." I tangled my arm with his and walked into the animal shelter. Howls and whines could be heard through the wall.

"How may I help you?" A girl stood behind the counter. She seemed about our age with black hair and brown eyes. She sent us a warm smile.

"My friend wants to look at your dogs. Could we do that?"

"Of course. Do you want someone with you to answer questions?"

"Nah, I think we will be fine. Thank you though." She showed us the door and we walked through. Sam glanced through all of the metal cages. Animals were jammed into each cage, full to bursting. I could feel my heart clench at the thought of the poor animals being shoved in there. Hopefully they would all be adopted.

“None of them look familiar. Maybe it was just a dream.”

“Come on, there is one more cage left. Let's look in that one before we leave.” That cage was the worst of them all. It was full of puppies crawling on top of one another. A worker passed by us and I called out to him.

“Could you open this one for us please?” He nodded and opened the door, stepping back to let us look. I couldn't help but smile at them all. They looked so cute! Two of the puppies noticed us and walked up. One went to Sam and one came to me.

“Those two are twins. The white one is Star and the brown one is Lucky. They are both girls. WE found them in the street. No mother was nearby. We are also not sure what kind of dogs they are.” The brown puppy looked at me with pitiful eyes.
Sam and I looked at the puppies again. “We have to take them,” he said.

“Mom will kill us,” I responded, picking up the brown puppy. Sam scooped up the white one and we walked back to the counter.

“We will take both of these.” We paid for the puppies, along with food, toys, treats, and a few other small things. Sam and I split the bill and we hurried outside.

“Wait, I said I was walking.”

“Fine by me. The poor puppies will have to come with me by themselves.” He shot me a dirty look and slid into the front seat.

“That is playing dirty.” Star and Lucky hopped into the car after us and I drove off, being extra careful.

We all made it to the house in one piece. Mom met us outside. Her face turned red when she saw the dogs.

“What is going on?”

“Well, Sam had some weird feeling about me once having a dog and I thought it must be a sign so we went to the shelter and came across these cute things.”

“No, we are not having two dogs in the house. One is fine, but not two.”
prepared, I didn't hesitate to speak, “But they are twins mom. You can't separate them. That's cruel. They are supposed to be together.”

She sighed and looked at the dogs again, “Fine take them inside. They better be trained.” I shot Sam a thumbs up and grabbed all of the items in the backseat while he took the pups.

The End

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