Chapter 26

I stepped out of the shower and dried my hair before getting dressed. I knew that wasting time wouldn't help, but I couldn't stop myself from trying. A knock on the bathroom door caused me to hurry up.

I stepped out and almost hit Slate. He was pacing back and forth across the small room. I sighedand leaned against the wall, watching him. His hands moved almost as much as his feet. Turning into fists, relaxing, sweeping the through his hair, then repeating. If I wasn't so nervous, it would be funny.

"Before I know what is happening to me, I want to know both Akira's opinion and your opinion." He continued to pace.

"I am not quite sure what Akira is thinking, he is probably more worried about you not knowing. I, on the other hand, think it is very bad. It could destroy you." He sighed and closed his hands again, "and it's my fault."

I looked back into his eyes, "how is that?"

"It has to do with my ability." I closed my eyes and rested my head against the wall. Feeling both dizzy and sick, I slid to the ground.

Slate was at my side instantly, "I should have told you sooner. Zeus was right. You are much farther than any of us thought. I am so sorry."

Keeping my eyes closed I tilted my head in his direction. "You will definitely be in a moment. I am going to throw up on you."

He gave a weak laugh, "no matter how bad, you can make someone laugh can't you?"

"Didn't mean to. I am so tired. Can we talk after I take a nap?"

"No, we need to do it now. So you can decide." I nodded and rested my head on his lap. It felt a little better when I was near him.

"We can hold it off long enough that she can decide. After that, she is on her own." I looked up to see Bane and Akira standing over me. Clover was off to the side, watching me.

"Ok, I will make it quick. Please try and pay attention-"

"I just realized something. You, Bane, and Clover all died so young. What happened?"

"If you will listen I can explain me and Clover. Not sure about Bane." I nodded my head and told him to start. My headache was receding and I could see a faint green light surround me. "I was turned by a rouge Demon. When they first started experamenting on humans souls, I was one of the tests." I flinched slightly. That must have been horrible. " I didn't get my soul taken, as you can tell, but I tried to escape. A younger Demon found me and, not knowing any better, killed me. I woke up a week later as a Demon. I was in a coffin. My parents had found me, and thinking I had died, were getting ready to bury me. If I had known what was happening, I could have just gone through the coffin. I didn't know what was going on though, so I panicked. I screamed, scratched the coffin, and twisted around. The people that were holding it up dropped the coffin from fright.

"I stayed in the coffin for about an hour before Akira found me. He helped calm me down and explain how I could be out. He had also told my family what happened. Our parents didn't want anything to do with me after that, they thought I was a devil spawn. Clover, however wanted to stay with me. She was much younger then and couldn't understand why her parents didn't want me anymore."

"I hate to inturrupt, but I am not sure I can hold this much longer. Akira is much stronger than I am." I glanced up at Bane. He was struggling to control the light.

"Right sorry. So basically, every few years we would move to a new location. Akira didn't stay with us, but when we needed him the most he came. We were at one town, somewhere near where you lived, but a long time ago. Clover started to get sick. None of the docters we could afford knew what was happening-"

"So you went to the merchants. One of them you stole some packets from. I had a dream about it."

No one appeared shocked. "Right, well that is when Akira found us. He watched Clover for a few days and finally found out what was wrong, but it was to late. The curse had attacked her."

"I watched him, "she died?"

He shook his head, sadness in every move. "No, she was turned. Clover made it without a problem, but Akria said I was lucky. Normally, anyone else would lose all of their humanity and be possesed by the evil that dwelled in their soul, killing everything else off."

"So I could turn into a Demon? But instead of a Demon like you, I could be completly evil?" My head was starting to pound again, but this time I knew why.

"No that's not it. At first we thought you were turning into a Demon, all of the powers were there. Then you teleported. That is an Angel power. But you still have Demon in you as well. You see, my power draws a part of someone's powers and puts them into another person."

"So I am half of each? I know how it happened." Bane looked up sharply.

"How do you know that?"

"I came across your folder while I was looking for their plans. It stated your parents and what they were." Bane nodded thoughtfully, muttering about how he will have to burn those.

"Do you understand your choices? If you leave now, and stay away from Slate until you die, it will reverse. Otherwise, you could chance it." I glanced up at Akira. Then to Slate. I didn't want to leave, but if something did happen, Slate would never forgive himself. Plus, I could hurt everyone I cared about. This was not a time to be selfish. I looked back again at Akira. He knew what I had chosen and nodded turning to Bane.

"Can you teleport her back home? We should probably erase her memory too." Bane released the light, I was overcome with nausea. He pulledme up and I closed my eyes.

"We are here." He pushed me in font of the house. His hands started to glow yet again and my eyes fell shut. The last thing I heard was a quiet whisper, echoed in my dreams.

"Goodbye Alecia."

The End

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