Chapter 25

"Darn it, I completly forgot about waves. Now how are we going to test out your theory?"

"Maybe once the storm passes over, the water will settle." I glanced back at the ocean. Huge waves crashed onto the beach, white foam spreading across the sand. It was hard to imagine something so powerful calming down, but Zeus said this was normal.

Zeus walked forward, uneasiness gripped me. Why would anyone swim in water that isn't clear? What if a shark, or stingray, or maybe a jellyfish, waited at the bottom? I refused to step any closer, this water was nothing like the water back home. The worst we had were fish.

"Hey, are you cold? I didn't even think about it. You are so skinny though, it must be freezing out here for you."

"Just because I don't have super-muscles does not mean I'm skinny," I huffed, placing my hands on my hips. I could tell he was trying not to laugh at me.

"Whatever you say. So what should we do now?" I eyed the waves warily. Zeus noticed and laughed. "You have dealt with crazy Angels and yet you are scared of the beach?"

"Im not scared," I snapped. "I am just nervous. If you decide to do something and drown I don't know if I can pull you out." He stuck his tongue out at me and sat on the sand. He patted his lap. I smiled sweetly and grabbed a handful of seaweed that rested by the beach. I dumped it on his lap and sat down beside him. My body leaned back against the sand as I closed my eyes. I couldn't understand why I was so tired.

"You must be deeper into it than I thought." I opened one eye and glanced at Zeus. His brown eyes showed nothing but worry. "Are you sure that Slate hasn't explained what is going on? It still has a chance to disappear, soon it will be to late."

I was sitting up by now. What could Slate have kept hidden from me that was so important. "Why don't you tell me then?"

He shook his head, "it is not my secret to tell." I sighed and closed my eyes again. A crack caused my eyes to shoot open as I glanced at the sky. The storm was getting even worse, lighting flashing every few moments. My forgotten fear of storms came back and I gasped.

"Scared of beaches and thunderstorms. I will have to remember that." He lived me up and we walked back to the camp. Zeus walked in front.

Once he had broken the cover of trees I heard a whistle and he turned around. With a sharp point in the opposite direction, he tried to make me move. Before I could process what he was saying, Slate stormed through the trees.

"You idiot! What were you thinking, Mirabelle? How did you end up in Madagascar?" I sighed and rubbed my forehead.

"First off, my name isn't Mirabelle. Second, I thought you were not supposed to be here until tomorrow. And third, I have no idea how I wound up here. You would probably know that better than me." His fists were clenched at his side, knuckles white. As he opened his mouth to say something, Akira walked over. After a silent chat with Zeus, he turned to face Slate and I.

"According to Zeus, she doesn't have much longer. She needs to be told." I groaned, it was bad. They always talked about me like I wasn't standing right next to them when it was bad. I held up my hands and said they could wait, I didn't want to know.

Pushing myself out of the forest, I turned to look at the camp. Clover sat near the fire, drying off. I looked up and noticed, with shock, that the clouds has vanished.

I sat down beside the blue haired girl, "so, I have a feeling it's bad?"

She gave me a small smile, "it could be I guess. Slate thinks it will be and Akira is just hitting all the bases. I, however, think you will be just fine."

"Alright. So, could I know your power?"

She laughed, easing the frown on her face. "I don't see why not. Well, you know that I turn into a cat, code name Charcoal. I also have a somewhat of a chameleon power." Seeing my confusion, she clarified, "I can blend in with anything around me, except I can do it so well I am almost invisible." I nodded, that didn't seem so bad. Zeus had an interesting power. What could Slate's be?
I heard a sigh and twisted around. Slate stood above us with my camera in his hand, along with a room key. Sending him a puzzled look, he told me he bought a room nearby so I could shower.

I reached up and gave him a hug. "Did anyone ever tell you how awesome you are?" He didn't respond, instead keeping the blank look on his face.

"Come on, after you take your shower, we need to talk. It's important and you need to know as soon as possible." Grimly I nodded and he walked with me to the hotel.

As much as I desired a hot shower, the talk he wanted to have sent a chill up my spine. Some part of me knew exactly what it was going to be about, and it wasn't good.

The rain was gone so I grabbed the camera and started to take pictures. Drops slid off the leaves and I clicked the camera. A hand fell on my shoulder and I looked up.

"If you do not want us to get lost, try to hurry up." I road my eyes and signaled for Slate to lead the way.

The End

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