Chapter 24

I flipped over to my back and watched the sky. The sun was just starting to come up. Purples, reds, and pinks filled the sky. Except for a few lost clouds, the sky was clear.

"It's going to rain today." I turned to Zeus with confusion.

"Haven't you ever heard the warning, 'red at night, sailors delight. Red at morning, sailors take warning'? Besides, it rains almost every day this first five months. That's when we all like to come here, barely any humans around." I sat up and jummped out of the cot. My bare feet touched the dirt. It was soft and cool, a nice contrast to the heated air. My shirt stuck tightly to my skin and I pulled on it.

"I know this might seem a little strange, but can Demons run on water?"

Zeus stared at me, "I don't know, haven't tried it. What would give you that idea?"

I shrugged, "no idea. As fast as you can run though, I would think it would be possible with practice." He grinned slowly.

"Want to walk to the beach later? I have a new idea that needs testing." With a laugh, I agreed.

I ran my fingers trough my hair, it was limp and greasy. With a scowl, I pulled my hair into a bun. If I didn't clean my hair soon, there would be a crazy red-haired girl on the loose.

"Shower time," Zeus asked, voicing my thoughts. "Unfortunately, we don't have showers. Tomorrow Slate will be here though. He will probably figure something out."

"Yeah, right after a four hour lecture on how stupid and suicidal I am." He laughed and shook his head at me.

"You two have a very special relationship don't you? I have heard some of the things you have done. A brave little human, you are." He patted my on the back and walked towards the fire. The other Demons were still sleeping. I wonder if he always wakes up so early.
A crash of thunder caused me to jump. I looked up, clouds were coming in fast from the North. I gaped, where did those come from? Another chuckle from beside me. Zeus looked up at the sky.

"I told you. The weather here is unpredictable to the untrained." Lighting flashed, but instead of the usual bright flash I was used to, the light crackled and spread like fireworks. It was beautiful. I wish we had lightning like that. Zeus warned that in a few hours a huge storm would cover this area.

"That will be the perfect time to visit the beach."

"What about the lightning?"

He shrugged, "not a problem. I attract electricity like a magnet. If you are near me, it wont touch you. I can also control it." To prove his point, he shot a flash of electricity from his fingertips. The irony didn't miss me and I started laughing.

"Your name is Zeus and you can control lightning. Hmm. I wonder if that means Clover can control plants, or Slate can control rocks."

He glared at me, "it was a coincidence." His expression changed, "you don't know about their powers?"

I shrugged, "never thought to ask." He shook his head and walked off, muttering something close to, "Slate gets all the weird chicks". I glared at the back of his fiery red hair before spinning around. Oh how I wish I had my camera. I could take pictures of the clouds and the trees swaying. I spun around once more, visualizing the thousands of pictures I could take. Realizing my shirt was tucked into my pants, I pulled them out, forgetting why they were like that.
Zeus picked up the folder. He opened it and peered inside before whistling.

"Dang girl, you must have thousands of Angel trailing after you. Want to explain what happened?" I shrugged and we sat down. I explained everything. He listened to the story with no expression on his face until I was done. Once I had finished, he whistled again.
"Slate's got his hands full with you, doesn't he? How in the world did you wind up here?" I bit my lip and shrugged.

"All I did was say that I wanted to leave, and I wound up here." He nodded thoughtfully. I turned to him, "you know why, don't you?"

"I'm not supposed to tell-"

"Then don't," I inturupted. "I just wanted to know if you knew what was going on."

"I have a feeling I do. Could be wrong though." I didn't respond. Instead, I leaned back and glanced at the clouds. Just in time to be hit by a raindrop. The thunder that had been a rumble in the distance, turned into deep roars, punctuated by bright flashes.

"Time to go to the beach!" Zeus laughed before running in a random direction. I wasn't sure if he even knew the direction to the beach but I followed him anyway. There wasn't much else to do, and I didn't feel like being attacked by lightning. I jogged to the edge of the forest and caught up to him. With one last glance to the camp, full of Demons trying to escape the rain, I hurried after him towards the beach.

The End

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