Chapter 23

Alecia's POV

"Hey, what do you think you are doing?" I whirled around. A man around the age of fourty headed towards me. I handed him the card. After examining it closely, he handed it back to me.

"I apologize, here I will show you the way."

"N-no thank you. I can find it."

"Nonsense, I can't let you walk around here alone. There could be Demons lurking nearby." He guided me to the door. "So you are going to Madoc's office right? We are almost there." With a smile I thanked him.

"I think I can find it from here. Besides, what if a Demon tries to come in?"

"There is another guard. I am sure he can take care of it." So much for hoping. Now what I am going to do? If Madoc sees me I am dead. Maybe I can climb through the vents. I heard a knock and looked up. Too late.

"What is it?" I heard Madoc snap.

"This little lady came to give you the file you asked for."

"I didn't ask for a... Oh that file. Yes, come on in Alecia." He closed the door behind me. I took a step back, placing myself in a corner.

"You are going to pay for that, girl. Give me that file now!" I could see the air shimmering around him. He was going to use his wepon on me?

"I need out now."

He took a step towards me, "no one is going to save you. Not in time."

I ignored him. "Anytime now."

Another step. I could see his sword now, almost ready to cut me into ribbons.

"Get me out of here right now or I'll..." the Angel in front of me faded. My head swan and I closed my eyes. Of all the times to be dizzy. File still placed firmly on my chest, I slid down to the floor. This is it, I am done for. So much for that idea.

After a moment with nothing happining, I warily opened my eyes. I was confronted with bright bursts of color. The ones most plentiful were the greens. The color made my head ache again and I closed my eyes. I will worry about what happened in a minute. I just need to rest.

I faded in and out for what felt like an hour. After I stayed conscious long enough to focus on the world around me I stood up. The sun was already gone, I must have been fading longer than I thought. I checked for the folder and found it on the ground beside me. I picked it up and glanced around. Only a sliver of the moon was visable, no other light could be seen.

"Maybe I should stay here until the morning." I bit my lip and glanced around again. It seemed that I landed in the middle of a forest. Nothing seemed recognizable and I couldn't see anyone nearby.

I groaned, of all the luck, I had to wind up in the middle of freaking nowhere. Pulling the folder back towards me, I glanced around one more time. An idea came to me. I would climb a tree and try to find some light. If I couldn't find any, I would stay here until the morning and look again.

I slipped the folder under my shirt and tucked the ends into my pants. That would keep it safe while I climbed. I went as high as possible without falling and glanced around.

No lights anywhere, I really was in the middle of nothing. I stood up there for another few minutes hoping for a light, no matter how far away. Nothing came up and I went to climb down. A large flash caught my attention and I looked up again. A giant fire stood in the middle of the forest, only a mile or so away. I could make it!

Hurrying out of the tree, I ran in the direction I remembered the fire being. Glancing at the stars for guidence when ever I could. The forest flew by, my breath started to increase it pace but I refused to slow down. My curiosity to know where I was overcame my need to slow down.

The forest started to lighten, the sun had come already? No, it was an orange glow, a fire. the forest thinned and I could make out the dancing flames. I burst through the forest and came face-to-face with a deformed person.

I screamed, it was only inches from me. To close to be safe. I fell and started to slid backwards.

"Davis, that wasn't nice. You scared the poor girl. Stop using your magic and come over here. Sweetie, it's ok. If you come over here I can take that memory away." I glanced up to see a boy with blue eyes and red hair. A strange combination, but it fits.

Calmer now, I turned to face the deformed face again. Looking closely, I noticed something off.

"You are Demons!" The blue eyed boy faced me again. I noticed others as well.

"What makes you say that?" I blinked, realizing that my mouth had just blurted out the fact.

"S-sorry, I didn't mean that." What was with the stuttering today? I am bad at lying.

"She smells of Angel, Zeus. We should kill her." The boy in front of me continued to look at me, ignoring the old man behind him. I could see the gears turning in his head.

"I know you from somewhere." He snapped his fingers, "you are Slate's chick aren't you?" I glared at him.

"I am no one's 'chick'. Slate is my Demon though, how do you know him?"

"Man oh man, he has been going insane looking for you. How did you get all the way out here? I thought he lived on the other side of the world." My eyes widened.

"What! Where am I?"

"Madagascar honey." I choked. How did I end up here? My body started to shake and I slid my knees up so I could grab onto something. I shouldn't be here.

"She isn't looking to well. Let's see if we can help her. I will contact Slate and see when he can get over here." Zeus gave me a reasurring smile and a pat on my knee before walking a distance away.

I felt myself being moved closer to the fire. The warmth calmed me, I was being hypnotized by the dancing colors. I heard someone sit beside me but I didn't look up.

"You are a long ways away from home. Slate will be here in two days hopefully. Why don't you sleep tonight and tomorrow you can explain what happened? We have a bed already set up for you." He lifted me up gently and guided me towards the cot. I slipped onto the cot and let my eyes drift shut.

The End

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