Chapter 21

Madoc's smile faltered, "what do you mean you have an Angel?" I stared at him, confused.

"Didn't they tell you? Bane is on our side." His eyes narrowed.

"You are lying," I shrugged. It didn't really matter if he believed me or not. Besides, I could tell that he was unsure of himself. "Why wouldn't they tell me?" He looked at me for an answer.

I shrugged again, "how am I supposed to know? Maybe they wanted to be sure before telling you. Or they could have forgotten, or thought it wasn't important. Or maybe," I smiled evilly at this part, "they don't trust you." I faked innocence and looked at him. He stomped around declaring how unfair it was. He acted just like a five-year old that didn't get what he wanted. This was going to be very easy. All I had to do was push him a little more and...

"I think you are lying, I am going to ask." I looked up, startled. He didn't even have to be pushed more, he did everything I wanted perfectly. Madoc stormed out the door. I smiled, he had left it open in his fury. Of course, I had to wait a moment to make sure he was gone, but after that I could go and find the information I needed. I only had one chance. As soon as Madoc came back, he would know he had been played. And once Slate came to find me, I would be carried off the a safe building and watched over. he would not let me get a word in and I would never be able to find it again. This was my only shot.

The hall way branched off into three paths. Those paths broke off into more paths and I asummed it carried on and on; it was an indoor labrynth. I closed my eyes and spun around. There was about a thirty-three percent chance I would pick the first path correct. Might as well leave fate to handle it. Once I was completely dizzy and confused, I slowed down. After I picked a hallway, I took a few steps into the path before opening my eyes.

I was back in my room, of all the luck.Before I could turn around and pick a new path, the door closed and locked. My one chance was blown, I had ruined it.

Now, if this was a movie it would be easy to get escape. The ceiling would be made out of those weird tiles that pop out, and I would magically get upper body strength I didn't know I had. I would find a way to reach the tile, pop it out, and pull myself up. Not to mention find the exact room I needed. But this wasn't a movie, I wouldn't get extra body strength, find a hidden door in my room, or have the bad guy turn good. That last one already happened once, he just wasn't bad in the beggining. He was just a bit confused.

I sighed and sat down on my bed. It was a hosipital type of bed. There was pale, crinkly, white paper on top of a stone-like bed. The hope of finding something useful left me, I let myself be kidnapped for no reason at all. All I did was cause Slate to worry more and everyone else to abandon the plan to come and save the helpless little girl that didn't know what she was doing. I fell on the bed as hard as I could, breath escaping in a silent scream. The bed shook at my impact and I cut off my scream of silence. Peering over the edge, I looked at all of the nails. There was no possiable way that this bed moved.

Maybe my life was more like a movie than I thought. After all, who comes face-to-face with Angels and Demons in real life?
I glanced at the cameras as an idea came to me. Slipping off my socks and shoes, I walked over to the farthest cameras. There were four in all. They were on the same wall and facing opposite directions. I slipped my socks over the first to and carefully placed my shoes on the other too. I sure hope smell didn't come through over cameras, those socks had been on my feet for a week or more.

Examaning my handiwork, I guessed that my little stunt gave me five minutes. It was time to get to work. I started on the bottom, it had enough nails to build a house on one side alone. Next was the sides, I ran my fingers over as much of the surface as I could searching for anything that felt different. Nothing found, I sighed. There couldn't be anything on the top or I would have seen it. Looking anyway, I peeled off the paper and slid my fingers over the top of that as well. Nothing was there. I slid to the ground beside the hunk of metal in defeat.

On a whim, I looked up at the bed again. The top was larger then the rest and stuck out over the sides. When I had sat on the edge, it bent down over the sides of the bed. Deciding I would think about how heavy I had to be for that to happen later, I stood up and pulled back the metal.

Once it was pulled back up, I ran my fingers in the areas that were hidden by the bent metal. I wasn't expecting to find anything so I of course did. There was a thin line running around the edge.

I took a chair and stuck it under the door handle like I had seen in movies. I mean why not, right? My life was becoming more and more like a movie so I might as well.

The top was fairly easy to push off. Underneath the bed was a pitch black tunnel going straight down. I couldn't see.the bottom so I looked arouns the room, hoping for a flashlight. Instead, my eyes fell on a tray, left over from lunch. Another movie scene came into my head and I grabbed it, along with the pillow next to the tray. The tray was tossed over the edge and I listened for the crash. Maybe I could tell the distance from that.

After a minute waiting for a sound, my nerves were shot. There was no way I could survive a fall like that. I knew Angels could survive falls that were higher than humans could, but this must be high even for them. There is no way they could survive somehting like that.

I stared at the tunnel in horror, I had to find a different way out. My heartbeat tripled as I heard the handle move. Just as the door burst open, I grabbed the pillow and jumped into the tunnel, the only thought in my head was that my death would hopefully end quick. The faces above me were getting smaller. I placed the pillow below me in hopes that it would cushion my fall. I closed my eyes and waited the floor.

Suddenly, I hit the ground. My body bounced once before settling on the something soft. I glanced around at the ground. It was covered in giant pillows. They tray lay safely nearby.

"There is no way she survived that fall. Come on, lets go tell Diane she is dead." The two Angels above me hurried out the room. I placed a hand over my chest in a weak attempt to slow my heart.

Looking around, there was only one way to leave, a narrow path to the left. All I had to do now was find the information I needed and find my way out.

The End

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