Chapter 19

"They are so cute together, don't you think?" Clover had been squealing for the past ten minutes about how cute Slate and I were together. Akira had tried to quiet her down, but nothing worked. He was probably tempted to chloroform her so she would shut up.

"Hush, Clover, let them sleep," Akira gently whispered. I could feel Slate smirking into my shoulder. Glad he was getting a kick out of this, my head was pounding. How much squealing could a girl take?

"I can't help it; they are the cutest couple ever! What do you think Bane?"

"Uh-huh, sure." Clover muttered something about how hopeless boys were. I could just imagine her rolling her eyes. Slate smirked before pulling me closer and Clover let out another high-pitched squeal. Slate shook against me, silently laughing. Clover started hopping up and down from excitement. The whole floor shook from it and I feared it would break. The floor must be extremely thin, how much pressure could it hold?

"Clover I think that is enough. Why don't we leave so they can sleep?" Clover sighed before walking out. Slate pulled away from me and sat up. He stretched before turning into a dog.

"Why don't you just stay a human? It must be easier. Then again, you did stay a dog for eight years." I shrugged and put the leash on. He immediately walked out of the door and outside. I hurried to follow after him. Tiger sniffed around before heading around the building. I heard two men talking around the corner. I moved closer so I could hear their conversation.

"I haven't seen the boy or girl here. Are you sure we have the right information?"

"He wouldn't give us false information. I haven't seen a boy with white hair and there are so many gingers, the girl isn't going to stand out."

"Madoc said they are always together." I walked next to them, while Tiger was puling in the opposite direction. They were obviously looking for us.

"Excuse me, were you looking for someone?"

"Yes have you seen a boy with snow white hair anywhere? He is my nephew and I lost him. He normally chases after pretty ladies like yourself." I pretended to think for a moment.

"Yeah, I think I did see someone, he went into room sixty-one." The men thanked me and hurried in that direction. The room I gave them was close to ours but close enough they wouldn't find us. I turned back to Slate to see him glaring at me. I gave him an innocent smirk before continuing our walk. I guess that explains why he turned into a dog. I was confused why they didn't recognize him as a dog though. I would have told every Angel what Tiger looked like if I was Madoc. They must have been humans, That way Akira and Bane wouldn’t pick up the energy. That would explain why they didn’t know about Tiger, humans weren’t allowed to know about Angels and Demons unless it was an emergency.

We found a shaded spot near the building and sat down. Tiger sniffed around before lying on the only patch of grass. I sighed and sat beside him. Of course he had to take the only soft place nearby.

It was going to be fall soon; some of leaves were already starting to fall. It was so peaceful, hard to believe we are on the run from psychopathic Angels. I guess we should just take it one step at a time.

"You know, every time you are in this form, I get confused. I understand that you are Slate, but I have lived with Tiger for eight years. What do you want me to call you?" He just huffed and rolled onto his side. I took that as an, " I don't care".

"Alrighty then. You are awfully cute as a dog, did I ever mention that before?" He growled at me and I couldn’t help but laugh. It was amusing to mess with him, and it was so easy too.

We continued sitting around until I decided it was time for a swim. I snuck back into my room and changed. I had been avoiding Clover all day, her squealing was going to ruin my hearing. I hurried out of the room and walked to the pool. Tiger jumped in while I was setting my things down. I jumped in after him and swam a few laps.

"Ma’m? I’m sorry ma'm but dogs aren't allowed in the pool. He will have to get out." The lady sneered at me and tapped her foot. I apologized before making Tiger get out. Tiger sighed and climbed out. He walked over next to the lady and shook. She held up her hands and let out a shriek. I laughed at her as she ran out of the door. Tiger smugly and trotted up to the edge if the water closest to me. I laughed at his attitude before going back under the water. I stayed at the bottom for as long as I could before resurfacing, gasping for air. I looked around but I didn't notice tiger anywhere. Arms wrapped around my legs and I let out a gasp. Slate was standing in the water, lifting me up.

"No fair, you can touch. Why must you be so tall?"

"It would be harder to protect you it I was short, especially if I was anywhere near as short as you." I let out a scream as he dropped me back into the water. I made sure to grab his shoulders as I fell. He fell under with me. I tried to swim up but was stuck under his body. Slate grabbed me and pulled me out of the water with him.

"You like water fights don't you?" I nodded vigorously and smiled. I rested my hands on his shoulders and leaned on him. I was tired and he was incredibly comfy.

"Aww so cute! I told you they were perfect together. They were about to kiss too." I looked up to see Clover at the edge of the pool with Bane. I was confused for a moment before I looked back to Slate. His hands were around my waist from when he pulled me out if the water and he was directly in front of me. I glared at Clover.

"What about you and Bane? You to have been around each other non-stop, something must be going on.” I was satisfied at the blush that crept up Clover's neck before she hurried back out of the pool room.

The End

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