Chapter 18

It has been five hours since I left my house. I wasn't sure where we were, or where we are going. No one had talked the whole five hours, not even the radio was playing. I looked out the window when a thought came to me. 


"Akira, what happens when someone attacks their guardians?"

He peered up at the rear-view mirror, "why? Did Slate do something again?" He had a sparkle in his eye and he cast a quick glance to Slate to see if he was listening.

I laughed, "No, not Slate, I met my Angel today." Akira sent me a started look, turning away from the road to do so. I almost had a heart attack as the car swerved. He calmed down and faced the road again.

We all finally calmed down and Akira asked me to continue. As I started explaining about Diana, Bane growled and hit the dashboard.

"She told me he had left! There has to be some reason she lied about him. If only I could figure out what." After his outburst, I let Slate finish the story. While he was talking I looked out the window. It was covered in tiny raindrops. I watched as they raced down to the bottom. As I was mentally cheering an extra-small raindrop, I noticed that it was quiet again. I turned around to see Clover leaning against her window, asleep. Akira and Bane were trying to figure out what roads to take and Slate was staring at me.

"Are you ok," He mouthed to me. I nodded and gave a small smile but I could tell he didn't believe me. He left it alone but kept giving me glances.

"I guess I am just worried about how my mom will take the news. Sam probably won't soften the blow for her either right now. He is to mad. Maybe when we stop I could call her." He said I could and smiled at me.

"Oh my goodness, did you just smile? I didn't know you could do that. Did you face crack from the feeling?"

He sent me a glare, "glad to know you feel better." I sent him an innocent smile. He just rolled his eyes at me. I grabbed my phone and scrolled through it to make sure no one had sent me anything. My phone had nothing new so I put it back in my pocket.

"We are close to stopping. We'll stay in a hotel tonight and start again tomorrow." I sighed in relief and scooted back into my seat. Driving in the dark always made me jumpy and the sun was close to setting. 

We stopped in front of a hotel. I wasn't sure of the name but it looked clean. There was a pool and a game room. The walls were a pale cream and the carpet was red. It was thin and worn out but better than sleeping in a car. We took two rooms beside each other. They were on the bottom floor and there were exits in, and near our room.

I was sharing a room with Clover. Akira was staying with Bane and Slate so they wouldn't rip the room to pieces in a mini war. Clover grabbed her suitcase and put it next to her bed. I sat on my bed looking at my phone. I wanted to call my mom but I wasn't sure if I could take it if she was mad at me. I sighed and put it back on the bed. This wasn't doing me any good, I needed to calm down. I grabbed my bag and went though it. A bathing suit I had shoved in it from a few weeks ago lay at the bottom. I picked it up and told Clover where I was going.

The pool was empty when I walked in. The pool went from three feet to eight. I did a cannonball into the deepest part. Water lapped out of the pool. I came back up and swam a few laps before floating on the water. My house once had a pool. It was an inflatable one. My dad would take me in and swim around the outer edge of the pool. We tried to make a whirlpool every time; sometimes my mom would come in to help make it faster.

I heard a ringing that sounded like my phone and went to reach for it. I was almost out of the pool before I remembered it was still in my room. The door opened and the noise became louder. I turned around to see Slate standing with the phone in his hand.

"Do you want to answer this or should I just throw it against the wall?" I grabbed it and looked at the caller ID. It was Sam's phone, I hesitated a minute before sending the call to Voicemail. If he wanted to apologize, he could tell it to my phone.

I didn't check the Voicemail. But when I came back up, I could tell Slate had. 


Slate was looking at the door with a clenched jaw when I came back up. I climbed out of the pool and looked at him. "Sam said something bad didn't he?" Slate just shook his head. I lay down next to him and glanced up at the ceiling. I could feel his anger so I put my hand on his shoulder. He looked at me and relaxed.

Without saying anything, we walked to my room. Everyone else was in his so it would be quiet. Slate yawned so I pushed him on the bed.

"Go to sleep. You are tired."

"You are too. Come on, I won't bite." He patted the spot next to him and I crawled next to him and lay down. "That was easier than I thought it would be."

"Well, we have done this before, almost every night. It shouldn't be weird now just because you are in a different form." He agreed and pulled me next to him. I curled up into a ball and fell asleep shortly after him.

The End

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