Chapter 17

Alecia’s P.O.V.

I slowly backed away from the car. The boy stepped out of the car and flashed me a convincing smile. I didn't even hesitate as I felt my mind speed up to figure out how to get away. I was completely sick of being a damsel in distress. I could take care of myself, and now was the perfect time to prove it. Now if only I could figure out how to do that. He took another step towards me and I felt my panic increase three levels. I couldn't let him touch me.

"Come on, we aren't going to hurt you. We are here to help Alecia. I think you might be a little confused about who is good and who is bad." His arm suddenly shot out and grabbed me. I felt a shock run through me.

"You are my Angel guardian aren't you?" He smiled again and nodded. I relaxed and he let go of me. "What is your name?"


"Doesn't that mean mad In Welsh?"

"No, it means fortunate." He took another step back and opened the truck door. Madoc gestured to the passenger seat. I hesitated, asking about the Demons. He only said he would take care of them and gestured back to the truck. I slowly walked over trying to figure out what to do.

He grabbed my hand to pull me up. My body just reacted and suddenly he was on the ground with a bloody nose. I guess that brown belt in Aikido really paid off. Diana tried to get out of the car so I turned to run. She managed to get the door open and started glowing. I swerved at the last second and she popped up in the direction I was previously going. I felt a smile grow on my lips, this is too easy. She started glowing again and I turned a different direction.

I heard a snap from behind me but didn't bother turning around. Diana was getting frustrated and using all the powers she could to get me. She went in to punch me and I reacted again. This time it was a little slower and I could see what I was doing. She fell on the ground and cried out in pain when she heard the snap of her arm.

Another crack of a branch came from behind me and I turned. Slate was standing near a tree with a shocked look on his face. I felt a small bit of satisfaction. He quickly covered it up and went to the car. I heard a grunt of surprise when he noticed the other person on the ground. Slate got into the truck and turned it on. I walked over to the passenger side and climbed in.

He drove for a while without saying anything. I didn't make a sound either, just started at the road we were going on. A sigh came from beside me and I turned to look at Slate.

"You want to know what Bane and Akira were talking about," He waited until I nodded before continuing, "They want you to come with us. Not for a little bit on a vacation, but until the threats will go away."

"That doesn't sound too bad."

He looked at me briefly, "There isn't much chance that the treat will go away for a few years. You could be away from your family until you are twenty for all we know." I could tell he hated it, but it was the only thing he could come up with, "I don't know if we can protect you and your family in such a populated area."

"So where are you taking me now then?"

"To your house. We cannot make you come with us, but if you are going to come, we need to pack some things. Otherwise I will drop you off there and try to figure out a way to protect everyone." I bit my lip and faced the window again. I didn't want to leave Mom and Sam, but if it would make them safer, I knew I had to. In the movies, it takes the hero a few days to decide what to do. I knew instantly that I had to leave; they would be safer without me nearby.

Neither of us talked again until we drove up to my house. He probably assumed I was going to stay with my family and I was trying to figure out how to say goodbye. I hopped out of the car and went to close the door. I heard Slate whisper an apology that I wasn't supposed to hear before the door shut. I was tempted to open it again to beat some sense into him but refrained.

The door was unlocked so I crept in and went into my room. I looked over it trying to figure out what I needed. Clothes were the main priority, then toothbrush and hairbrush. I also grabbed my camera, phone, headphones, sketchbook, and some extra books to read. Pencils and a charge also went into the back after a second thought.

I knew my mom and Sam were home but I was hoping they wouldn't hear me. Of course, I didn't have luck on my side. As I was walking out my bedroom door, the guest bedroom opened and Sam walked out. He looked at me with shock, but his eyes narrowed when he noticed my bag.

"Where do you think you are going? You just got back."

"I can't stay. I just came to grab some things I need."

"Ditching us again," I looked up sharply when he said that, "You have become so distant the last month or so. What is going on?" Has it really been that long? I shook my head.

"I can't explain right now, but I have to leave. Can you tell Mom I said goodbye."

"When will you be back?" I bit my lip and looked down; tears were forming in my eyes.

"I don't know. As soon as I can. Please believe me, I am only doing this to protect you guys," It was only whisper but I could tell he heard me.

"Yeah right, you probably got knocked up or something. Running away with your boyfriend?" I kept shaking my head and I knew he was frustrated. "Then what Alecia, why are you leaving?" I turned around, trying to figure out something to say. I felt a hand on my arm and looked up. Slate was looking at me. I managed to let out a small smile. He smiled back then turned to glare at Sam. It was enough to make him take a few steps back.

"Come on Alecia, it's time to go." He grabbed my bag and gently led me to the forest. Sam didn't say anything as I was leaving. I leaned on Slate a little as we walked. He wrapped his open arm around my shoulder.

"He is just shocked, he will forgive you soon. Keep your phone on so he can apologize. If he doesn‘t soon I will go back and kill him. I should de that now."

"Please don’t, it’s fine. What about the Angels tracking my phone, or listening to my conversations?"

He let out a laugh, "This isn't the movies. Angels aren't even close to being that hi-Tec. You are allowed to use your phone, I promise." I smiled and we walked to a purple van. Everyone else was already piled inside. I took a deep breath and slid into the car next to Slate.

The End

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