Chapter 16

Akira looked up at me briefly then turned back to Bane. They were whispering under there breath about something. I had a feeling that I wasn't supposed to know, since they quieted down when I came in. I stood at the door awkwardly until Slate stood up. He guided me to a different room and we sat down on the floor.

Neither of us said anything. I was sitting across from him and messing with a rip in my jeans. I had somehow managed to rip a hole on the very bottom. Slate was looking at the wall behind me and I had to resist the urge to make sure nothing was there. Instead, I was making the hole in my jeans bigger. We sat there for about thirty minutes without either of us saying anything. I finally got irritated and spoke up.

"What are they talking about in there?" Slate switched his gaze to me and shook his head. "But it's about me isn't it?"

"Not everything is about you, Belle," I ignored the name and scowled at him.

"I know that, but this is, isn't it?" He sighed and looked at the door. I took that as a yes. I looked at his scowl and spoke the thought that popped in my head

"You know you are much nicer as a dog. Now you seem ready to murder someone with your pinky toe."

"Well maybe if you could take care of yourself every once and a while. It's a bit tiring." I bit my lip and turned away.

"Then stop protecting me. Just take me back home and I will take care of myself."

"Like you could do that."

I shot him a glare, "Watch me." I stormed out of the room and went outside. I was staring at the hills trying to decide how far exactly it was to get home. It normally took my dad about three hours by car, which meant it would take me at least a day. I sighed and debated whether to ask Bane for help or not. I decided not, that would only prove Slate right.

I bit my cheek and turned towards the road. Fine, I would walk. It couldn't be that hard right.


I fell onto the ground and laid back. I had been walking for three hours and I was exhausted. I am never going to get home at this rate. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, maybe I should have brought some water. I heard a horn honk and looked up.

A boy about my age was in a red truck. He had pale brown hair and hazel eyes. He asked if I wanted a ride. I was going to reply yes when something stopped me. I sneaked a peek into the back to see a woman. It took a moment before I recognized her. It was Diana, the Angel boss person. I swallowed and looked back at the boy.

"No thank you." He gave me a smile.

"I don't think you have a choice."

Slate's P.O.V.

"You just let her leave? Are you crazy?" I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. It had been three hours since Alecia had left. I thought she would have been back by now. Clover had been yelling at me for the past ten minutes but I blocked most of it out.
I looked back out at the road. Did she really think she could take care of herself? Maybe against regular humans, but against Angels and Demons she didn't have a chance. I felt my anger come at me in waves. I didn't want to listen to Clover go on about how horrible I am, I wanted to find Alecia. IIt was my fault she left anyway. If I hadn't snapped at her, she would have stayed here. She always hated being called weak, which is why I poked at her about it. Of course, she decides to prove she isn't by getting herself killed.

Akira and Bane were still in the main room discussing things. They didn't know about Alecia running off. Clover went to check on her and when she figured out Alecia was gone the first person she went to was me. I quickly figured out what happened and started to yell right after.

Suddenly, I felt something come over me. I closed my eyes and watched images of Alecia pass in front of me. I could feel her fear; she needed help. I opened my eyes and ran out the door. Clover called Akira and Bane then hurried after me. I closed my eyes again to find out where she was.

I had to save her.

The End

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