Chapter 15

I woke up to a loud band and yelling. Bane hopped through the door and I couldn't help but laugh. He glared and pinned me down then started to tickle me. I squirmed and tried to move away but he wouldn’t let me. We were interrupted from our fight by a cough.
“Breakfast is ready,” Clover was standing at the door. She looked perfect even though she just woke up. I couldn't figure out how she did that. When I woke up my hair looked like a rat made a nest. I pushed Bane off of me and went to get dressed. Slate managed to get some of my clothes for me. I got dressed in jeans and a purple long sleeve shirt. I put my hair up in a ponytail and followed Clover.
“I was wondering if you would ever wake up, it’s noon already,” Akira was pacing plates around to everyone full of eggs and bacon. I went over to help but he waved at me to sit.
“Really? I can’t believe it’s that late already. I normally don’t sleep that late.” I shook my head and started to eat. It was really good and I was hungry but I couldn't eat very much. I started thinking about how much things have changed since this started. The first thing that popped into my head was how much schoolwork I will have to catch up on. I groaned at the thought, I was so going to die.
“It is already taken care of. You went on a vacation to Florida to take some pictures for a report.” I stared at Slate as he smiled. He knows me way to well. I guess that is what I get for telling my dog everything. To be fair, I didn't expect my dog to be able to turn into a human.

I finished up my breakfast and walked outside. The sky was turning a dark grey. Hopefully, it is going to rain. I walked over to the pond and dipped my toes in. It was a perfect temperature for swimming. I don’t have a bathing suit but a t-shirt and some shorts would work just as well.
I went back inside and grabbed some clothes. When I got back outside I noticed everyone else was outside as well. Bane and Akira were talking and Clover was stalking a butterfly. I laughed at her and walked over to Slate. He was standing in front of the water. Sorry, he was glaring at the water, probably thinking to much again. I smiled, having a perfect idea to make him think less. I walked up behind in as quietly as I could and shoved him into the water. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch us. Slate came up spluttering and gasping. He sent me a glare and climbed out.
“That wasn’t very nice.”
“Who said I was nice? Besides, you were thinking to much. Sometimes you need to just relax.” I stretched to show him my point.
Slate’s eyes narrowed before he let out a small smile. “Oh really now? I guess then maybe you should have some fun too.” I started running before he even finished the sentence. I didn't get very far before I felt arms wrap around my waist. I let out a shriek and took a deep breath to scream again when I was dumped into the water.
“You are so going to pay for that.” I went up to give him a hug but he just pushed me back in. I grabbed his shoulders as I fell so he came down with me. We both came up gasping.
“Now Alecia, why don’t we just call it a tie.”
I sent him a look, “You know me better than that.” He chuckled and agreed. I went to get out of the water but I slipped on a rock. He caught me before I could go under again. As he was standing me back up, a big splash of water took us both under. I looked up to see Clover swimming around.
“I thought cats didn’t like water,” Slate was still under the water but I noticed he was swimming closer to Clover.
“Well this kitty does.” Clover’s eyes went wide as she was dragged under. I laughed as Slate came up.
“I think I know why cats hate water. Dogs are just plain mean.” Slate started to laugh. I started to laugh with him and soon we were both on the ground clutching out stomachs. I could see shock in Clover and Akira's eyes. I was confused but just ignored it and went to tackle Slate. He was faster than me however, and he flipped me back into the water. Clover and I then ganged up on him and managed to make him go under the water again. Clover, Slate, and I messed around outside until it got dark.

After we left the pond Clover and Slate went to check the spells and make sure no one else was inside the cave. Akira gently touched my shoulder and led me to his “room”.
“Thank you for earlier today. Slate has not laughed for quite a while.”
“Of course, I guess it isn’t to easy to protect someone for eight years straight.”
“He was like that before he started protecting you. It probably did get worse when he was protecting you, but not by much. He has never been one to smile.”
“Oh, well you are welcome. I like it when he smiles, he doesn’t seem so angry.”
“I hope you know he isn’t angry at you, he is angry he didn’t protect you from all of this. He did seem better after last night for some reason though.” I didn’t reply after that. He wasn’t mad at me, and Slate seemed better after he watched me cry? I get stuck with the most confusing people ever.
“He was worried you wouldn’t trust him after you figured out what he was.” Akira wasn’t looking at me when he said it, but I knew he was answering my question. I guess after I let him sit with me Slate realized I wasn’t mad at him. I smiled and walked outside again. It was a full moon and the world was cast in an eerie white glow. I felt a sudden urge to dance. I always liked dancing in the dark.
I smiled and twirled around on the soft grass. I slipped off my shoes and felt the grass slide between my toes.Tiger and I would dance, well I would dance. Tiger would circle me and howl at the moon. Slowly, the dog turned into a white haired, green eyed, boy. He grabbed my hands and spun me around to a silent tune. I spun around and felt my hair create a fire orange halo around me. His eyes caught the light as I twirled around again. He spun me around and pulled me back in. The boy leaned in closer. Suddenly, something wet landed on my nose.
I opened my eyes to come back into an empty field. Rain was starting to fall and thunder roared. I grabbed my shoes and hurried into the cave. I was dripping wet so I grabbed a towel and dried off. Then, following the voices, I went into the main room where everyone was huddled.

The End

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