Chapter 14

“You want to tell me where they really are now, Alecia?” I swallowed and took a step back. My eyes grew wide as I realized that I didn’t have a way to escape. The cave entrance was behind Bane and I wasn’t foolish enough to think I could outrun him.
“What a-are you t-talking about?” I looked down at the guards. I hope they are all right. I had always hated the damsel in distress in the movies, ironic that I become one. Maybe if I could find something to fight with, but how am I going to beat a trained fighter?
My gaze slipped back to the guards, “Why did you do that?”
“They were going to tell Diana,” Diana? Oh right, the bossy women, “Don’t worry they aren’t dead. I just hit a pressure point on their neck.”
“You’re crazy, aren’t you working for her?”
“I was, but I decided to help you instead since your angel can’t do it.”
“What happened to him?”
“Diane thinks he might have run off. She doesn’t know the reason. The main thing is we need to get you out of here, quickly.” I closed my eyes and counted to ten. When I opened them again I was calmer.
“So why do you need to know where the Demons are?”
“Because you are the safest with them. Besides, now that your memory is back I thought you would like to see them again.” How did he know? I made sure I didn’t give anything away. He took a step closer to me and I turned. I knew there was no chance to outrun him but I am not going to be a helpless damsel is distress.
I was right; I didn’t even get to the edge of the woods, which were about twenty feet away, before he caught me. I struggled but Bane had me so I couldn’t move.
“Listen! I won’t hurt you; I told you I was going to help. Now we need to hurry before…” He trailed off and looked up. I did as well and noticed Diana looking at us. She turned around and screamed for her guards.
“Ok, I am going to teleport us, think about where you want to go clearly.” I closed my eyes and concentrated on the caves Akira, Slate, and Clover were in. I remember dad once said it didn’t have a name because it was so small. No one ever went up there either. The perfect place to hide. I felt like I was on a roller coaster that was going through a series of loops. I started to feel sick. I opened my eyes and we hit the ground. I noticed we were right outside the cave.
“Sorry, they put a block around it, I couldn’t teleport further. Guess that means we are in the right place though.” I walked around to the other side and found the entrance. It was almost impossible to see unless you knew what to look for. The only thing that gave it away was the tiny plant crawling inside. I turned back to Bane and motioned for him to come on. He followed behind me and we walked in.
Now if I can remember what pathway we walked into, it was one that I never went though with my dad. There were seven tunnels and I had been in five, which only left two. The middle tunnel was a short path that led outside again. The other one, on the far right, was supposed to be extremely dangerous. People have even been stuck inside. I walked over to the tunnel on the right and squeezed in. If I were on the run, the easiest place to hide would be somewhere dangerous. We made it through the first tunnel when I heard voices. I told Bane to hush and looked around the corner. Akira and Slate were standing in the middle of the tiny space and talking.
“Clover is out looking for intruders. If they found out where we are we should hurry and leave,” Slate was turned away from us. Akira was facing us but he hadn’t noticed us yet. Bane backed up a little to give me room and to make sure no one snuck up behind us.
“How would they have found out?”
“Alecia’s dreams, if she had another one she could have told them.”
“Are you saying she’s on their side?”
“Maybe not, but since she doesn’t remember anything she might have told them.” I glared at Slate and muttered “liar” under my breath. I was about to walk out of the tunnel when I heard a scream. I spun around and noticed Clover was standing in front of Bane.
“You’re an Angel.” She backed up and noticed me, “You are helping them?” I was going to reply when I heard footsteps behind us. Bane grabbed my arm and we were outside the cave entrance. Bane was trying to catch his breath. He must have fought through the barrier to take us out here. I felt a flash of guilt and went over make sure he was all right. He waved me off and told me to watch the entrance. I nodded and turned back around. Clover came out first. Her gaze went to Bane, and then settled on me. I gave her a small smile but she did not show any emotions. I was about to explain when I heard Bane get up behind me. I turned my head around to face him. He looked better than a few moments ago.
“Who else is here?” Clover was looking at Bane when she asked; she refused to look at me.
“No one, they don’t know where we are either.” Slate and Akira were outside now. I could not stop myself from walking over to Slate and hitting him with my flip-flop. Slate looked shocked and Clover was trying not to laugh.
“What was that for?”
“For that stupid smirk at the school.” I put my shoe on and walked over to Akira.
“He helped you get here?” He was motioning to Bane.
“Yeah. I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have brought him here.”
“How did you get the others not to follow? In their base they have trackers so they can follow whomever teleports.”
“I took them to the cave you were in and then left with him.”
I could see Clover starting to smile, “But you must have taken them to a different cave.”
I shrugged, “Oops.” Clover laughed and ran over to hug me. I laughed and hugged her back. Bane went up to apologize to Akira for teleporting through his barriers. They continued to talk while walking into the cave. Clover and Slate followed them. I walked over to a pond and sat near the mud. I stuck my toes in the mud and wiggled them around.
I remembered when my dad would take me out here. Mom would never come because she hated small, dark places. I would always take extra pictures so she could see exactly what it looked like. I would always grab whatever flower I could find near here on the way back to give to her as well.
I couldn’t remember when the last time I talked to Sam and mom was. Maybe about a week, they must be worried. I looked up at the sunset full of pinks, purples, and oranges. Maybe they stopped looking for me. Maybe they thought I was dead. How was I going to explain this to them? I couldn’t tell them where I had been for the past week or so. I looked back at the pond and burst into tears. I continued crying until I felt something nudge my side. I looked up and Tiger was standing over me.
I let out a small laugh, “You don’t have to do that, I’m not mad.” He didn’t make any move to shift back so I looked back at the pond. The sky was dark by now and I couldn’t see it, but I could hear the gentle lapping of the water. Slate sat beside me and nudged his head into my lap. I stroked his head and forced myself not to cry. I looked back down at him and burst into tears. I hugged him while I continued to cry until I fell asleep from exhaustion. The last thing I remember was feeling arms lift me up.

The End

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