Chapter 13

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. I had been staring at the clock, upside down, for the past three hours. I feel like Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Watching the clock upside down is pretty neat, now if the color from the walls would start to melt then we would have something to watch. Not that there was much color, in fact this whole room was white. I was in an old hospital room where the Angel’s “hideout” is. An Angel brought me into here and said he would be back as soon as he could find my Angel. I cannot believe it takes three hours to find someone. The building cannot be that big.
I sighed and flipped myself over. Three hours upside down and my head was killing me. I was sitting on the bed opposite of the door. I chewed my lip and started at it. I wonder if it was locked, they said I was a guest so it shouldn’t. I crawled off the bed and twisted the knob. Locked. I cannot believe they locked me in here! I looked at the kind of lock it was and smiled, so easy. The lock was that kind that had a line through the middle. Any kind of paper, or even a fingernail, could unlock it. I searched for something to open it with. On the desk by my bed was a note. I folded the note and twisted the lock. It clicked and the door opened up.
Once outside the room I looked around. I don’t see any cameras and there is only one direction to walk. I guess that is an easy decision. I turned to the left and started to walk. In the movies, this is when I would find out some important clue to figure out who really is the bad side. I would normally say that there is a difference from real life and movies, but now I am not so sure. I listened for any voices. I was about to take another turn when I heard someone.
“How are we supposed to tell her?”
“I don’t know, but the only other choice is to lie.” I moved closer to the door so I could hear. I recognized Bane’s voice but the other person, a girl I think, didn’t sound familiar.
“Her Angel ran off and you want us to lie? How do you expect us to do that?”
“She’s a human, it cannot be that hard Bane, or are you going soft on us? This girl is involved with this on a high level. If you had killed that stupid Demon like I said, she would be clueless like all the other humans.” I heard footsteps coming from behind me. I hurried to an empty room and shut the door. They said I was welcome to walk anywhere in here but I wasn’t sure how they would feel about me spying. I waited until the footsteps had passed and walked back to my room.
Shortly after I sat back on my bed, Bane walked in.
He looked around the room, “My my, this is quite a boring room. Is there anything you would like?”
“Something to do would be nice. Some books, a computer, camera, things like that.” He nodded and said he would get someone to bring me some things shortly. I just sat on the bed and turned upside down, as he was walking out the door. I heard a chuckle as the door shut, along with the click of a lock. I would have to ask why they locked me in here when I see him again. After all, I willingly came along.
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. I think these people have a different meaning of shortly than I do. Another hour of boredom had passed. I wonder if I stare at the clock long enough if it would start to dance. I concentrated on the clock so hard that when the door opened I nearly fell on the bed from fright. I turned to see a girl with shoulder length, shaggy blond hair. She placed a bag on the floor and walked out. I grabbed the bag and went through its contents. There were some old dictionaries and a camera I didn’t have a chance of using. If it wasn’t broken, the thing had so much dust inside that it would take a miracle to work. I leaned the book upside down against the wall and went back on the bed. I read the first page of the dictionary and gave up. This was worse than staring at the clock. I sighed and started humming to myself.
After another hour, I gave up and walked over to the dictionary. I flipped through the pages. I started to hum again as I looked at some of the words that I didn’t recognize. Amphicarpogenous, amphicoelian, amphiplatyan, are these even real words? Who would use these? I flipped so I was on my back and put my head over the edge so I was upside down, my red hair pooling on the ground, the only color in this room. I sighed and decided to take a short nap until they gave me something to do.
I looked around; I was deep inside a cave. I couldn’t see any light so I stood still until I heard footsteps. I spun around to see Akira standing inside a thin tunnel. He made a quiet gesture and another one to follow him. I stood still, debating whether to follow or not when I heard voices coming from the way he left. I hurried through the tunnel. It was as big as a doorway at first, but it started to slowly get smaller. As I was about to give up and turn around, the pathway opened up. Three people were sitting in the middle talking. I noticed Akira was facing me. When the other two people weren’t looking, he shot me a smile and motioned for me to hide behind a rock. I crouched behind the rock as the other two people turned to look at the tunnel I just walked out of. I recognized them as Clover and Slate. Slate shrugged and turned back to Akira. He started ranting about how he knew I was going to choose the Angels. He was pacing back and forth across the small room. I was tempted to go over to him and slap him. Stupid idiotic Demon. While they were arguing about me, I looked around to see if I could figure out where I was. Wait! I know this cave; my dad would take me out here all the time when I was little to take pictures.
I felt myself being pulled backwards into my body. I sighed and drifted back. I When I opened my eyes again I was surrounded by white. I felt excited; I could help the Angels catch the Demons. I would have to wait for someone to come back before I could tell them though. Grabbing a dictionary a skipped to the middle of the books and started looking up the strange words.
“What are you doing,” Bane asked after he opened the door.
“Looking up nitrocellulose.”
“How’s that going?”
“Horrible, some of these I am sure are not even words.” Bane looked amused.
“You seem nicer here than when we were at the school.”
“I guess. Demons and Angels bring out the worst in each other,” He looked around and lowered his voice, “Honestly, I think that Akira is right when saying Demons and Angels are neither good nor bad but we just seem that way. After all, Slate took very good care of you.” I must have looked shocked because he laughed and told me to just forget it. I nodded and told him about my dream.
“And you know where this cave is?” I nodded and told him about how my dad used to take Tiger and me there all the time. He got up and said he would get someone to get Angels ready and we would leave in an hour. He left and I sat on the bed trying to remember how to get to the South Winds cave.

We arrived at the entrance of the cave and parked. Seven Angels were packed into the car. The only one out of them I knew was Bane. The Angel in the driver’s seat turned to me.
“Are you sure they are here? This is a public place.” I could see the disbelief in her eyes.
“Yes, I am sure,” I was a little irritated; she had asked me the same questions about ten times now. She sighed and got out. The rest of the Angels followed her while Bane helped me out.
“You are a terrible liar you know, just be lucky she doesn’t,” Bane whispered in my ear. My eyes grew wider and I turned to face him.
“W-w-what are you talking about? I’m not lying.” He shot me a look and told me to lead the way. I swallowed and tried to come up with an idea. I couldn’t remember much about this cave. We passed a map and I paused to look at it. I noticed a room with an exit outside. That would be perfect.
I pointed at the room, “They were near there.”
“That sounds like Akira, always making sure there was another exit,” She pointed at two of the men, “Go around to the other entrance and wait for out signal.” Dang it! That wasn’t supposed to happen. I sighed and followed the rest of them. The woman went through the pan again to make sure I had it. I was going to go first and pretend I had changed my mind. When their guards relaxed, the Angels were going to come in and take them. I nodded and we continued forward. How did people not notice a group running around through the cave with glowing weapons? I guess people really see what they want to see, but you would think one of them would notice. I pointed this out to Bane and he explained that it was Angel magic. I nodded and continued to walk through the cave, relying on my memory to guide me.
I could remember my dad pointing out the types of rocks out to me and the perfect light to catch them in. Every time he talked about pictures, his eyes would light up. He wanted to make the world see the things that no one seemed to notice anymore. I wanted to do that as well, maybe one day when this is all over I could.
I hesitated at the entrance of the tunnel I pointed out on the map. I don’t know what to do, when they find out I was lying there was going to be some problems. I heard Bane say something about how scared I was and he should go with me. I felt a hand on my back and looked up. Bane was standing over me with a gentle smile. We walked forwards until the tunnel ended and we walked into a small room. It was barely big enough for Bane to stand up comfortably.
“My my, no one is here. I wonder where they went,” I noticed Bane was looking around, as if expecting them to just pop out of nowhere.
“Listen Bane, umm…” I trailed off not sure what to say.
“Shh, the other entrance is that way right?” I looked at the way he was pointing and nodded. I bit my lip as he started to pull me forwards. I couldn’t figure out what to say. We walked through the opening and the two guards were standing on either side. They started talking and I looked around. What was I supposed to say? I am horrible at lying on the spot.
I heard a crash and turned around. The guards were crumpled on the ground. Bane was standing over them with a sad look. He looked up and noticed me.
“You want to tell me where they really are now, Alecia?”

The End

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