Chapter 12

“So you are an Angel, and he's a Demon?"

Bane nodded, "In a sense, it is the closest way to describe us." Bane had decided to explain things to me first. He told me that Demons were basically the same as all the myths. They were once humans and when they died they became evil and killed other humans. Demons ate the souls of the humans that died. It gave their powers a boost. Demons had four basic powers and a special ability. The basic powers were animal shape-shifting, speaking to any animal, flash jumping, and shadow claws. Shadow claws are how they rip a human soul out of the body without destroying it. Their special abilities were mostly elemental but there were some special cases.
Angels were once people as well but they decided they would protect humankind instead of killing. They weren’t as close to the myths of Angels as the Demons. They were Demon hunters. Angels gained powers opposite of Demons so they could kill them. They had for basic powers with a special ability as well. Their basic abilities were energy detection, speaking any human language, teleporting, and soul collecting. They could collect the soul and put them into the bodies before twenty-four hours. Their special abilities were weapon based. For example, Bane’s ability was a bow and arrow. His weapon could appear out of thin air and rarely missed its target.
They were completely opposite of one another in powers. Each one had its own advantages and disadvantages. Teleporting is faster than jumping but Angels cannot alter the set course until they arrive at the destination. Even shadow claws and soul collecting had bad and good. Shadow claws can draw a soul out of a body so if an Angel decided to live inside a human body they could pull them out. Bane told me that Angels were good and Demons were bad but I wanted to hear the old man’s story as well. I walked over to him and sat down, closing my eyes so I could try to figure out my feelings. I trusted this old man more than I trusted Bane and I couldn’t figure out why. If only I could remember what happened before two days ago!
The old man smiled at me and starting his story, “Long ago both Angels and Demons lived in this world surrounded by humans. They were guardians for humans. Every living human had one Demon and one Angel to guide them. Neither was good or bad, but they had a deep loathing for one another. Huge explosions would appear out of thin air during fights. Many people were killed or injured. The Demons, sick of the fights always ending in draws, decided to find a way to make themselves stronger. They happened to come upon human souls and tested them. Their powers increased enough to win the fights.
Demons did not, and still don't, have a ruler to guide them. Many wanted to end the wars and started to eat human souls. They grew more powerful but darkness crept into their hearts. After all, we were sent to watch over the humans and guide them to the right paths. Demons were starting to guide their humans to the wrong path. Only a handful of Demons, the Ancients, did not eat human souls. They could not stop the wars from breaking out and if humans were guided by Demons into making the wrong choices the human turned into a Demon after death. The Ancients tried to save as many souls as they could, but many were lost or gave up to the war. This has been going on for centuries and many do not know that Demons were once as kind as your Angel claims to be." I was watching his face for any hints of emotion while he was talking. He admitted he was evil, I should follow the Angels. So why didn’t I want to? I still trusted the man in front of me more than Bane. I couldn’t figure out why, Bane had a kind face with a trusting smile. This man had no emotions at all and looked cold. I went through his story again and something popped out at me.
“Every human has and Angel and a Demon that guide them? Do they ever see their guardians?”
“Some do and some don’t. It depends on the guardians feelings. Can you guess yours? Your angel isn’t here but your Demon is.” I bit my lip and scanned the Angels. All of them had masks on so no one caught my attention. I looked back at the old man. He wasn’t one of my guardians. I let my eyes slide over to the other Demons. Slate and Clover were watching me. Clover gave me a sad smile while Slate continued to glare at the spot next to me.
“Slate is my guardian as, right?” I looked back at Akira and he smiled. I looked back at the boy and he sent me a dark smile. A shiver ran up my spine as I remembered my dream. Was he really a monster like in my dream? How do I know if they are good or bad? I turned back to Akira to ask a question when I paused. He never told me his name. Does that mean I am remembering last week? I smiled to myself and took a breath. I guess it’s time to choose now.
I opened my eyes and started to walk over to the Angels. They were the good guys here. I would be safe with them. I walked over and took Bane’s hand. He smiled and stood up. I turned once to say goodbye when my eyes rested on Slate. He had a smug smile on his face. He knew I was going to choose the Angels. I glared at him when an image of Tiger appeared in my head. I wonder why he appeared now. Oh well it doesn’t matter. I turned around and walked away with my hand in Bane’s.

“Come on, we will show you your Angel guardian.” I nodded at Bane and smiled.

The End

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