Chapter 10

Alecia’s P.O.V.

I could smell pancakes coming from downstairs. I hopped out of bed and got dressed in a white tank top and some black shorts. As I was walking downstairs I made a mental checklist of what I needed to do today. I had to go to the library to look up research for my essay before school. Then I needed to go shopping, Sam had pretty much cleaned out the fridge since he has been here. Let’s see what else… Well I guess if that is it maybe Tiger and I could go to the park later.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed three pancakes. I grabbed the butter and syrup and made my plate. Mom made her famous blueberry and banana pancakes. I ate quickly so I could go to the library before school started. I grabbed my bag and kissed mom. Sam was still asleep so I guess he will have to live without. Mom mentioned something about how Tiger was gone again. I didn’t really pay attention, he would be back later. I ran all the way to school, I woke up late for some reason. Oh well, I guess the library can wait until later.

I walked into the building to see everyone talking about something. I ignored it all and continued to my class. I wasn’t really into gossip. When I got to homeroom Mrs. Fredrick was at the front of the class taking attendance. She was my favorite teacher, probably because she was my aunt. She was fifty-one and looked it. Her chestnut brown hair was getting grey in it, and she was slightly crippled. Her eyes through were a dark blue, and I learned from experience that no matter how old she was if you were on her bad side those eyes could cut right through you. I walked in right as she called my name. She looked over her glasses and smiled at me. I smiled back and went to sit over at me desk.

“Before you sit down, we have two new kids. There names are Clover and Slate. The principal asked if you could show them around. You are free from classes until after lunch.” I nodded and waited for the new kids to arrive. While they were getting up I looked at them. They both stood out, the boy had snow white hair and clear green eyes. The girl had dark, shoulder length blue hair with stormy gray eyes. Both of them gave of a dark feel, as if they were two people that no one should mess with. I could tell that the other kids were nervous around them, but for some reason I knew they wouldn’t hurt anyone. When they were started walking towards me, I walked outside the classroom.

“My name is Clover and this is my brother, Slate. It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too. My name is Alecia.” After the greetings I took the siblings on a tour of the school. When I looked at their schedules I noticed that they had the same classes as me. Even their lockers were next to mine. While I was taking them on a tour, I noticed the boy, Slate, kept staring at me. I was getting nervous around him. Something was, different about him. I just couldn’t place what it was.

“…And this is the cafeteria,” I said as the bell went off, “right on time.” I said goodbye and walked over to the line. Slate was watching me the whole time I was in the line. I was extremely freaked out by now. I grabbed a seat as far away from the siblings as I could and started to eat. I looked up and watched as Clove slapped Slate lightly and started to talk to him about something. Slate stopped staring at me. I finished eating and went to get ready for the other classes.


I wasn’t paying attention to the last half of school. My thoughts kept wandering over to Slate. I wonder why he kept staring at me. When I heard the last bell of the day I grabbed my bag and started walking home. Right before I left school grounds I remembered about my research paper. I hurried to the school library so I could find some information about my paper before it got dark.

“Slate you have to chill out. For some reason she forgot, we can try to help her get her memory back. Until then you have to relax, that means stop staring at her all day. You were making her nervous. She’s not going to believe us if…” Clover trailed off as she noticed me. She waved at me and motioned me over. I shook my head and walked over to the computers. I opened up the book catalogs and started to search for books that would help me out.


I can’t believe they only have two books on Native American medicine. I decided to take a break on my research and walked outside. When I walked out I realized it was pitch black. How long have I been in there? I looked at my phone. The screen read ten-thirty. That means I have been researching for about six hours. I have got to get home. I started to walk in the direction of my house. Of all the weeks my car had to break down. I continued walking until I realized a car was behind me. I turned around to see a shiny black truck. The car pulled up beside me and stopped. I was about to run when the door opened. Slate was in the driver’s seat.

“Need a ride?” I hesitated, still considering the idea of running. I don’t even know him, why would I get in a car with him? I found myself walking to the passenger’s side anyway. He smiled and started the car again.

“Sorry about today, you just reminded me of someone I knew.”

“What about what your sister said in the library.”

“She was practicing for a play.” I knew he was lying and he could tell I knew. Neither of us said anything after that. After about fifteen minutes of silence he pulled into my driveway and let me out. I thanked him and hopped out of the car to my house. After I heard his car pull away and I locked the door I sat on the couch. I was about to turn on the TV when a thought popped into my head. How did he know where I lived?

Akira’s P.O.V.

I watched Slate pace the floor. Clover was watching him. I looked at her and gave her a silent message, ‘he will be fine’. She nodded but continued to watch him anyway.

“My son this might be good for all of us.”

“How could this be good? She forgot everything. All the dreams and what we are.”

“I believe that you did say that she shouldn’t know about any of this.” He didn’t say anything after that. He knew that I was right, even if he would not admit it, even to himself. I knew what had caused Alecia’s memory loss. The hunters and given her a drug so she would forget. She could still remember it all if she was given the right push. If the hunters managed to get to her first though, she would be lost. I told Clover that she should watch Alecia for a while. She nodded and walked off. Slate was still pacing. I put a hand on hi shoulder and told him he needed to rest for a while. He stopped pacing and looked at me. I could see the fear in his eyes, and for the first time it was for someone other than his family. It was for a helpless human girl.

“I am proud of you. I know you will protect her, do not sorry so much.” He nodded and walked upstairs to his room. I walked up to my own and thought of ways that we could save the girl.

The End

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