Chapter 8

"Well hello Slate. Wait, it's Tiger now isn't it." Tiger continued to growl at the man.

"Aww come on. Not going to shift for an old friend? Or does the human not know," The man was smirking, "Hello my name is Bane, and you are?" I didn't move.

"How rude. S- Tiger why don't you come out and show yourself. It's not going to be fun to beat you unless we are the same, and you know I can't shift like you and your family." Tiger still wouldn't move, "No? Very well maybe this will help you change." He waved his hand. about ten other people appeared out of the trees. They came straight for me and Tiger.

"Leave the boy, we can take the girl instead." I was turned the opposite direction, the one where most of the other people were, when I heard him speak. I could feel my heart speed up, along with my breath. What was going on? Why did they want Tiger?

"Leave her alone! She's not involved with this," My eyes widened. I recognized this voice! It sounded like the boy from my dream! I turned around and sure enough the boy was standing there, right where Tiger had been. What happened to Tiger?

"I beg to differ Slate. You involved her, if it wasn't for you she wouldn't be involved at all." Slate? Wait, he called Tiger Slate at the beginning, he also said that Tiger should 'shift'. Does that mean this boy is Tiger? My eyes widened even more and I took a step back.

"No way," I whispered. The boy looked at me for a moment. His eyes were sad.

"I'm sorry Alecia." He turned back to the man and attacked. I couldn't tell with what, but it was causing a lot of blood. While I was focused on the fight one of the other people came for me. He grabbed my hands and put them behind me. I kicked and twisted, but he wouldn't let me go.

"Relax, I am trying to save you. They are demons and demons like to eat humans. We hunt them down before we can. We will take you to a safe location," the boy said.

"Slate you might want to be careful what you do right now, the girl could be hurt if you don't pay attention," Bane smiled.

"Damn you Bane," Slate stopped and looked at him.

"Come with us and we will let her go. It's not like you are going to get to stay with her anyway, look at her face." I had been staring at the boy, my eyes were filled with fear. He glanced and me and then turned around. He opened his mouth to say something when the bushes started to shake. Everyone turned to the sound except for Bane and Slate. A black cat charged out of the forest and threw itself on the nearest person.

"Charcoal?" I was staring at the cat. It turned to me and started glowing.

"I guess you could call me that, but I prefer Clover." The girl flicked her blue hair out of her eyes and looked at me. A girl came up behind her to attack, but before she could Clover turned and pounced. The boy holding on to me started to yank me into the forest. I stomped on the inner part of his foot and twisted. I heard a snap, then he fell on the ground and started to cry out. I was watching him, feeling slightly sorry, when someone grabbed my arm. I tried to pull it back.

"Stop that! I won't hurt you, we need to leave now though," It was that girl again.

"What about the boy?"

"He will be fine. We need to leave..." She trailed off and looked behind me. I turned to see about twenty other people coming out of the forest.

"Damn, I wasn't prepared for this. How did he get so many people to join him?" She pushed me behind her and crouched. When the group came to close, she charged at them and started fighting. She had half of them lying on the ground before the rest shoved her on her knees. The girl tried to get up, but they held her down. Some of them started to come after me.

"Run Alecia. Now," Clover screamed at me. I turned around to run when something small charged past me. I turned to look. Standing in front of the group was a wolverine.

One of the boys took a step back. "That can't be him can it? They say he never changes."

"Well it looks like Bane was wrong. Come on let's get out of here." All of the people that were nearby turned and bolted in the opposite direction. The wolverine didn't pay them any attention. Instead he turned to Bane and Slate.

"Got your daddy to help you huh," Bane asked when he noticed the animal, "Very well, I guess it's time for me to go. I will be back soon though." He turned in the opposite direction and disappeared into the shadows.

"Leave him alone Slate, he isn't important right now," An old man was talking.

"I'm sorry Father, I thought we could handle this." The girl had gotten up by now and was walking over to Slate.

"It doesn't matter. We all knew there was going to be a time when I had to shift again. Hello dear, my name is Akira. You must be Alecia. I have heard quite a bit about you." He held out his hand to shake. I just stood there. Slate walked over to where I was, I took a step back. I noticed that he had flinched when I did.

"See? I told you she wouldn't take it well. Why do you think I never told her before?"

"Slate calm down, this wasn't the nicest way to introduce her to us," Akira went over to the boy.

"Whatever. I am going to the house. I will meet you there later." He turned and walked into the bushes.

"I'm sorry that you had to be involved, but maybe it's for the best. Why don't you come with us? We can explain things to you." He had his hand outstretched. I took another step back. Then spun around and ran off.

The End

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