Chapter 6

Slate's P.O.V.

I watched Alecia fall asleep, thinking about the things that have been going on these past two days. Alecia barely ever left my side, and even then it looked like she wanted to come running right back here. Clover had tried to come visit too. I didn't want to make Alecia mad again so when she came the first time I never stayed in the same room as her. Alecia stopped letting her in after the first two times so I wouldn't move too much.

Her mom and Sam had come round to visit everyday, but she would only go out for an hour or two at a time. I could tell that they were worried about her, but she seemed almost in a daze around them. I knew she was trying to figure out what was going on, she hated being left not knowing something. I wanted to tell her but it was against the rules, and they might find out. Every night before she fell asleep she would say how sorry she was that she wasn't there when I got hurt, or how she will protect me next time. Whenever she says that I flinch because I know that I have to make it so she won't be.

Maybe Clover was right, if I had just left that first night she wouldn't be in this. I'm not sure why I even went back, I just did.

When I was sure Alecia was asleep I got up and changed into my human form. Then I flash jumped to where Clover and Father were. Flash jumping is basically running extremely fast. I wasn't very happy about seeing them but if I didn't visit those two now they would come and visit Alecia. I refused to let her be involved anymore than she already was.

It took about ten minutes to get to the Father's house. I walked into the hallway and up the stairs until I got to the master bedroom. I opened he door to find Clover and Father sitting in the middle of the room.

"Finally took a break from trying to bother Alecia sis?"

"For just a minute Slate, I had to talk to our dad."

"So what is it you wanted so badly?"

"Why don't you sit down," Father asked, gesturing to the spot opposite of him.

"I'm fine, what did you want? She's going to wake up soon." It was a lie and we both knew it.

"Very well, I just wanted to say that they have found out."


"They have found out about your friend, Alecia."


"I am not sure son, but she must be told so we can protect her."

"I already said no!"

"The circumstances have changed Slate she must know!" Clover got up and tensed, waiting for me to argue. I stopped and took a deep breath knowing that yelling wouldn't help any.

"Can we at least try to keep her away from it a little longer?"

"No Slate we-" Father cut her off with a wave of his hand.

"Yes we can but you must allow Clover to help as well. I will stay hidden for now, but Slate I do not know how much longer this can be kept a secret."

I nodded, "Thank you."

"Now take Charcoal, I mean Clover and leave." He had a slight smile on his face as he said this.

"Hey she got Slate's name wrong too."

"Yes but at least she knows I'm a boy," I was smirking.

"Whatever. Lets just go keep watch on your helpless human." She shifted into a cat and I changed back into my dog form. We flash jumped back to the vet's house. When we got there Alecia was already up and making breakfast. We walked in and she looked down and smiled.

"Oh so you two are friends again huh? How did you even get in here Charcoal?" I snickered while Clover glared. Alecia ignored us both and grabbed some animal food.

"Oh well Mrs. Kelly must have left a window open. Here is some food for you two. Eat up we get to go home today." She placed to bowls down and walked into the kitchen to get her own breakfast.

"I can't wait to tell her the truth, her expression is going to be hilarious when she finds out I'm a girl."

"Uh huh, now hush before she comes back in." She came in right after I finished talking. She sat down at the table and started eating a bowl of cereal. Sam and Alecia's mom came in right after she finished. Alecia seemed to be paying more attention today.

"I have been so worried about you. You have been out of it for a couple days now," Sam hugged her. She appeared started but slowly hugged him back. When he pulled away she gave a small smile and stepped back.

"OK so Tiger seems to be good to go. I wouldn't let him have to much exercise for a couple of days but other than that he will be fine."

"Thank you Mrs. Kelly. We will grab Alecia's things and leave. Thank you for letting her stay here with Tiger."

"Of course," Mrs. Kelly smiled and walked off. Sam went to grab Alecia's stuff and then we went home.

"Ahhh I need a shower so bad," Alecia said, already running up the stairs.

"Well you know I wasn't going to say anything, but pee-yew!"

Alecia grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. It hit Sam right in the face, he took a couple of steps back and glared. They bolted upstairs and continued fighting.

"You know she has quite an arm on her," Clover said while we walked outside. I felt my eyelids trying to close.

"Why don't you sleep, I will watch out for anything and wake you up if something happens." I nodded and went to sit in a spot under the nearest tree. I closed my eyes and the memory from the first time I met Alecia immediately popped up.


I was running through the forest in my dog form trying to avoid them, Something was wrong and I couldn't flash jump, so I had to change into my dog form so I could run faster. I hesitated when I lost their scent.

"Mom, MOM!!! Where are you?" I heard someone yelling from the other side of the bushes. I made sure they were gone and then walked through the bushes. The girl whirled around to face me, crystal blue eyes wide with fear. Her flashlight fell, she picked it up and shined it at me.

"Tiger, I will name you Tiger." I perked my ears up waiting for her to continue.

"Tiger I'm lost and can't find my way home. What will I do." I could hear people yelling in the distance searching. I sat beside her for a moment, then grabbed her gently by the shirt and pulled in the direction the yelling was coming from. When we got out of the forest she ran and hugged her mom and dad. They started talking about me but I wasn't paying attention. I had caught their scent again. The little girl's parents said thank you. I nodded and ran in the direction the scent came from.

The End

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