Chapter 5

I woke up to something wet on my face. I opened my eyes, above me was Tiger wagging his tail.

"Tiger! You're alright." I jumped up and hugged him. He wagged his tail more.

"I'm so happy you're alright. I was so worried." A tear had come out of my eyes. I wiped it away and looked at him.

"Wait where is Charcoal? I thought he would stay, he seemed to be worried about you as well." Tiger tilted his head, "The cat, I named him Charcoal. He seemed really worried about you. I thought he would be here waiting. Oh I know, Maybe he went to tell that man. Charcoal said you all knew each other."

I knew I should be freaking out about all of this but they all seemed so familiar. I felt like I had met them all before. I looked over to the window. Charcoal was sitting on the ledge outside pawing at the glass. I went to open it but Tiger growled. I hesitated, turning to look at him. What was the matter? Last night Charcoal helped him. Why was Tiger so mad? I turned to look at the cat again. Charcoal sent a look at Tiger, then jumped off the ledge.

"What was that about? He saved your life!" Tiger just continues to growl. I stood in front of him blocking the window.

"Stop that!" He sighed and laid back down, "What is wrong with you!?" I huffed and sat down, away from him. The door opened and Mrs. Kelly came in.

"Tiger is awake?" I felt like rolling my eyes. No he's a zombie that has come to eat me. I knew I was just frustrated that I didn't know what was going on with Tiger. I hated being in the dark about anything.

"Yeah he woke me up this morning. He seems to be alright."

"That's good. See I told you he would be fine. You had nothing to worry about." I rolled my eyes this time.

"Yeah I guess you were right. How long til he can go home?"

"A couple of days. Your mom and brother are here." I nodded not even correcting her. I just wanted night to come again so I can think about what is going on.

She led me to the waiting room. Sam and my mom came up and hugged me. I hugged them back but was still off thinking about all that went on. They sat me down and talked about how worried they were about me and that they were happy Tiger is better. I would nod and smile in the right places, sometimes even replying but not even giving half of my attention to them. I could tell they were starting to worry again but I just couldn't bring myself to pay attention. They asked me if I was going home with them but I said I would stay with Tiger until he gets better. We continued talking for about three hours, but then mom had to go get ready for work.

"I'm sorry dear. We will be back tomorrow okay?" I nodded and they walked me to Tiger's room.

"Hey Alecia, don't worry so much. He's fine see?" Sam motioned to Tiger who sat on the bed looking at us. I nodded and forced out a smile.

They both frowned and walked out the door. I fell back on the bed and bounced a couple of times. I sat beside Tiger and started absentmindedly petting him. He laid his head in my lap.

"Are you alright? I wonder who shot you. I'm sorry I wasn't there, I will try to stay with you from now on." He nodded and closed his eyes. I continued petting him. I knew he had fell asleep but it made me feel safe when I was petting him. When he was with me I always feel safe. I didn't want to be mad at him but I had so many questions and it felt like he was hiding something from me. And the whole time I was with Sam and Mom I felt like I was in a dream. Nothing felt real at all. Why? What is going on?

"What are you Tiger," I whispered as I fell asleep.


"She seems to be dealing with all of this well."

"Yes she is, Slate on the other hand is quite angry."

"I am not surprised. He wanted to keep her out of this as much as possible. He has deep feelings for this girl. What is her name?"

"Alecia, she lives alone with her mom and occasionally a friend of hers named Sam." The old man nodded. He had gray hair that looked like it had never been any other color. He looked pale and fragile, but his eyes were a piercing amber. A boy appeared. The old man looked up and let out a faint smile.

"Ah Slate , How good to see you again." The boy stepped out of the shadows. He had snow-white hair and emerald green eyes.

"Hello." The boy was tense looking ready to attack. The man seemed oblivious to this and continues talking.

"Clover was just telling me about Alecia. I wonder, what does she look like?"

"That's none of your business." The boy growled and tensed up even more.

The girl that had been sitting quietly at the man's side since Slade came in stood up and brushed herself off. She had dark blue hair and gray eyes.

"Slade relax, she won't be hurt."

"Shut up Clover, You weren't even supposed to be involved."

"I was saving your life.! And besides she saw me even before that. By ACCIDENT!"

"What do you mean?"

"She was there somehow when we were fighting in the woods about her."

"How do you know that?"

"She told me while waiting for you to get better. While we were in the hospital. She guessed quite a bit."

"I don't care! She doesn't need to be involved."

"You act like this is my fault."

"It is! If you hadn't led her to me she wouldn't have seen anything!"

"If you hadn't stayed with her in the first place she wouldn't have to worry about you! You have been with her ever since you first saved her!" The old man stood up and walked in between them.

"You may not want her to be involved, but she is. It is to late now to decide for her. It is no individual person's fault. Fate has decided she must be involved. We will protect her and keep her in the dark as much as we can."

"Very well, Thank you Father," The boy nodded his head, turned, then disappeared. When he left the girl turned to the old man once again.

"I'm worried about him."

"Me too Clover, me too."

The End

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