Chapter 3

"Mom, Sam, I'm home." I set my bag on the table. I was a note on the table saying that they had gone out and would be back with diner around eight. I sat at the table and started my homework. I decided that I would go to the library on Saturday to look up facts for my research paper. I was going do a paper on how the Native Americans needed animals. I took a break from my homework and went to look for Tiger. I couldn't find him. He normally went for a walk without me so I wasn't too worried.

I finally finished my homework. I went to watch some TV on the couch while I was waiting for Sam and my mom to get home. It was already six-thirty. I closed my eyes for a minute and the next thing I knew I was in a forest. I didn't remember this part of the forest. How did I get here? I walked around for a bit trying to figure out where I was when I saw Tiger running away from something. I was confused, he never runs from anything. I looked back to where he came running out from and I sitting there was a black cat. Not a big, wild cat, but a clean, black house cat. Tiger was running from a house cat? What is going on?

Tiger turned and walked back to the cat. He sat a good distance away from the cat, but close enough that they could be talking. In fact, that is what it looked like they were doing. Then the cat jumped up and attacked Tiger. I ran to stop them but they didn't notice me. Tiger was fighting back and even though Tiger was a big dog he was still struggling with the cat. The cat cut a scratch right across Tiger's nose. It wasn't very deep but it was bleeding a lot. The fight stopped as quickly as it had started. They both looked at each other. The cat got up, turned around to look at Tiger one more time, and then disappeared.

I jumped up to the sound of a door opening. I looked around. I was on the floor by the couch, and my butt hurt like crazy. I guess I fell off while I was sleeping. I looked around for any sign that my dream was real. It had seemed real.

"We're home," I heard Sam yell from the kitchen.

"Alright, coming," I yelled back. I got up and walked to the kitchen. I picked up a bag for chicken wings on the counter.

"Yummy, what flavor?'

"Honey Garlic."

"Yummy the best flavor in the world." I hugged my mom and grabbed the bag.

"Wait a minute. No hug for your bestest friend ever?" I hugged Sam too and then walked back into the living room.

"Did you do your all your homework," Mom asked looking out of the kitchen.

"Yep. Hey have you seen Tiger?"

"No The last I saw him he was heading to the forest chasing after a black cat." A chill went up my spine as she said that. Does this mean it was real? But how?

"Oh okay thanks. Can I go look for him when I'm done eating?"

"If you want. Is Sam going to go with you?"

I was about to reply when Sam interrupted me, "Yeah I am." He gave me a look that begged I don't make him stay here with my mom anymore. I nodded and continued eating. I ate fast so I could go find Tiger. I wasn't worried about him but I wanted to see how true my dream was.


It was getting dark out but I was still looking for that spot. Sam had went to get jackets before it started raining. I had run ahead so he couldn't find me. I knew it was mean and I even felt a little guilty, but I didn't want to find out what was going on. I was still trying to find that spot. It couldn't have been to far away could it? I kept running, I told my self I couldn't stop. Something was telling me that Tiger was hurt and needed help. I knew he was near that spot but I just couldn't find it.

"Tiger! Tiger!" I kept calling into the forest hoping that he could hear me. It had started raining by now and it was getting so dark I couldn't see very far, maybe twelve feet away. I heard a noise and looked down. Looking up at me was the same black cat I had seen in my dream.

"Are you going to help me find him," a nod, "He's hurt isn't he," another nod. I told the cat to lead on. He look me in the same direction I had been running. After a few minutes he stopped and meowed. I looked over to the bushes and found Tiger laying down. He didn't even look up when I sat down beside him. I put my head in his lap and stroked it. There was a lot of blood. At first I thought it was from the fight with the cat until I ran my hand over his side and felt a bullet wound. He'd been shot! I looked up when I saw movement. The cat was walking away.

"Wait," I called feeling slightly silly, "That vision I had earlier was real wasn't it?" The cat almost seemed to hesitate a second before nodding. He looked at me one more time, His orange eyes shining in the flashlight I had dropped before, and then vanished. I went to get up to get help for Tiger when I heard a voice.

"Do not leave him Alecia, He needs your help."

"What can I do to help?"

"Just stay with him, do not leave him until he gets better. Promise me this."

"I promise." I looked up to see a faint outline of a person standing where the cat had disappeared. I went to ask him if he knew what was going on, but the outline was fading. Surprisingly, none of this felt strange to me. It felt familiar to me. Almost like I knew who he was but it was a distant memory and I couldn't quite place it. I didn't argue with him and sat back down with Tiger. It was raining more now and I felt Tiger shivering. I took off my jacket and wrapped it around him.

I didn't realized I was crying until I went to automatically wipe me eyes. I ignored the tears and continues to pet him murmuring how much I loved him and that he would be okay. I was tired but I couldn't fall asleep, I was too worried. It was still pouring rain and there was thunder and lighting going off almost every minute, but I knew we were safe. I didn't filch even though the sound seemed to shake the ground and the light lit up the whole forest. The rain started to slowly turn into snow and it was getting colder out. I still wouldn't move. I knew the man was right and that he needed me. He came first, he saved my life and now I was returning the favor.

During one of the lightning strikes I looked up and the cat was sitting a little ways away. I told him he could come over. He almost seemed to smile, he came closer and sat down beside me. He curled into a ball and continued watching Tiger. This circle around me was all that mattered. I didn't notice the cold, or the fact I was cold, I even managed to forget what I was scared of lightning. this was all that mattered, Tiger was all that mattered. I heard noises coming from behind me but I didn't turn around. I didn't care. I continued stroking Tiger. Lights danced in and out of the forest. I was dimly aware of people calling my name. I didn't look up until I felt someone touch me. I looked over to see Sam staring at me with worry in his eyes.

I felt someone try to pick me up. I refused, making sure I was still with Tiger. I felt someone pick him up and I cried out.

"Shh, It's alright, We are going to take care of him. You will get to see him in a minute." I felt a blanket being put on me and someone lifting me up. I picked up the cat and put him on my stomach. I was laid down In a ambulance and Sam came in and sat beside me. I ignored him and looked at the cat. He blinked and I closed my eyes along with him.

The End

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