Chapter 2

I awoke at six like any other day. From my window I could see that it was wet and it felt damp in the house, even though it wasn’t raining. I got dressed in some warm clothes and made my way downstairs to the living room. Tiger was sitting by the door waiting. I saw movement in the living room. I turned and there was Sam sitting on the couch as if he were waiting for me. He was dressed warmly as well.
"I'm coming too."
"Alright, well then come on." I answered while scribbling out a note for my mom telling her I would be back in time for school.
I stepped out onto the porch, Sam and Tiger following close behind. I took a deep breath. I loved how fresh everything was in the morning after a rainstorm.
I made sure my camera was safely around my neck. Then I started off to the forest. I lead this time, remembering a clearing we had visited a while ago. When we got there we spotted a doe with a tiny, spotted fawn at her side. I stopped and took a picture. The doe looked up and, amazingly, instead of running away, she came closer. I have always been in love with animals and the fact that a wild doe and her baby are coming over to me is amazing.
I took another picture. I just couldn't help it. It was a once in a life-time opportunity! They stopped for a second and then continued walking to me until they were close enough to touch. The fawn lightly head butted me. I leaned down and petted him. The doe stepped closer and let me stroke her soft nose. All of a sudden, they looked up and bolted.
"That was so cool!" I breathed.
"Yeah what was up with them? Deer don't normally do that." Sam’s voice nearly made me jump. I had almost forgotten that he was with me.
"I don't know but I'm glad it happened."
We continued walking. The sun was starting to come up. Casting a pale yellow light on the trees.
The scene reminded me of my dad. Of the day he gave me my camera.
Come on! If you don't hurry we will miss it," My dad had dragged me out at six in the morning. I was ten at the time.
"What are we doing up so early?"
"You will see now come on." We got to his mysterious spot right as the sun started coming up.
The pale light dazzled me. I had never seen anything like that.
"Look over here. There are some ladybugs on this tree." My dad always had a talent for pointing out things no one else noticed.
"Wow they're orange. I thought all ladybugs were red?"
"No, but these are very hard to find. They normally blend in with flowers."
"That's so cool."
"Yes it is. Why don't you take a picture?"
"But daddy, I don't have a camera."
"Oh my, I guess I forgot. But that about this camera here?" He reached deep into the jacket he was wearing and pulled out a beautiful, brand new camera.
"Daddy it's so pretty. Is it for me?" My eyes widened in disbelief and my hands automatically reached out in excitement.
"Yep your very own camera."
The feeling of someone tugging my jacket roughly brought me back to the present.
"You were about to run into a tree." Sam chided, releasing my sleeve when I turned to glare at him.
"Oops sorry."
"Just watch out. Hey shouldn't we be heading back now?"
"Oh no yeah we should. I'm going to be late!"
We ran back to the house. I went upstairs took a quick shower and got dressed.
"Bye mom. Bye Sam." I hugged them both then ran out the door.
Sam was home-schooled because of how much he got kicked out.
I took mom's car and pulled out. I don't normally take her car but I'm super late today.
I don't have any friends at school. I have only ever been friends with Sam. I don't mind. I'm not a 'social butterfly'. I get along good with the teachers and I have never got below a C. And that was only once. I went through the day slowly. Most of school was doing reviews and practices for the state tests. The only one that was different was History.
"Now class I know you are all frustrated because of all this reviewing, so I decided we are going to do a report. I want you to pick one thing about Native Americans and write a paper on it. It needs to be five to seven pages. Double spaced, times new roman font, and size twelve"
There was a bunch of groans around the class. I didn't mind. I knew that it was coming up. In fact I already picked my subject. Since history was the last class of the day I packed up and got ready. When the bell rang I walked outside to my car and drove home.

The End

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