A cold heart thaws

‘Hey!’ Russell smiled lopsidedly, jerking her out of her reverie, ‘What are thinking of?’

‘Keith’ she said without thinking, ‘You remind me of my brother.’

He gave her a quick are-you-nuts look, and looked down at the streets again. She felt blood rush into her face.

‘Tell me when I remind you of Russell Bennett.’ He said, and she saw that he wasn’t amused, ‘I’m sick of reminding you of people. God, are you even human?’

He turned and went back in without another word. She was shortly stunned, not because of what he said, but what she suspected the hidden meaning to be.

Are you even human?

Did he know about her family? The gory murders? How she assured herself every single day that she was a sane human being? Oh God, she had tried so hard to make sure that no one would find out.

But of course, he wouldn’t know. He was just a stupid seventeen year old, and this was just a phrase. God, people flung around those words too glibly nowadays. If only he knew how correct his question was…even she didn't know the answer to that.

‘Wait’ she called out impulsively, quickly regaining her composure ‘Did you wanna say something?’

‘Yeah’ he said carelessly, ‘I thought of asking you out for a coffee tomorrow, but since I remind you of your brother, who cares…’

‘We can make coffee at my home’ she said, blanking out.

He gave her an incredulous look, and went in. He flung the door hard, and the crash was so loud that her ears hurt. He was evidently very angry…and well, this wasn’t the first time. Every relationship had a few problems. One of their own was her messed up childhood…

And of course, the fact that he was a scared pup when it came to her.

‘Hey, wait up’ she whispered loudly, so that others wouldn’t wake up, ‘How about we catch a movie tomorrow?’

He whirled around, his eyes as big as lemons. She smiled; everyone needed a bit of help sometimes.

‘Sure!’ he gave a huge goofy grin, ‘I heard there’s a good rom-com in the theatre.’

‘Okay’ she smiled back.

      Maybe it was time to let go and enjoy herself, she thought.  You know, time to let your hair down. She was done with being the quiet social recluse with an addled childhood. It was time to change. There was no use repenting and pondering about the past.


     Of course, by the next day, Russell was busy describing to his friends how he had managed to ask out the hot recluse…some boys are just too dumb…and she knew that that was why she liked him…if he was intelligent, he would have seen through her composure and discovered the scared girl inside…that was not something she could afford anymore…

       Split personality was not a nice thing…witnessing your parent’s murder was not nice…sitting alone in the room for three days where disfigured dead bodies lay was not a nice thing…

      Being a cold blooded murderer came with a price—you just can’t let anyone too close…


The End

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