Catalina set herself to studying and working, and upon her twenty-seventh birthday, a school was set up, with her as the principal. She visited the Griftons often enough, and became close friends with Evelyn. Her school was soon packed to the roof with students, with Catalina being the first woman to become member to the Royal Scholar Guild. And then it was Christmas.

“Welcome, Tali hon.”

“Merry Christmas, Jon. Merry Christmas, Eve.” Catalina grinned, realizing the joke.

“Aunty Tali!!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!”

“Merry Christmas, Emma darling!”

“Can I have my present now?”

“Emma, that’s rude! Say sorry.” Evelyn scolded.

“It’s fine, sis. Emma, you’ll get your present later. You must wait for the pudding faeries to bless your gift, remember?”

Then she was swept into the cosy living room, and Evelyn served up the traditional turkey and ham. They enjoyed the fine feast, and afterwards they cleared the table together, chatting merrily. Evelyn emerged with the pudding, sparks flying off it, and Emma jumped into Catalina’s lap, as she had always done ever since she could walk. She wrapped her arms around Catalina’s neck, and Catalina hugged her tightly. She was still wondering about the gift she’d chosen, love and happiness. She wasn’t sure when she’d received it, but now she knew. She had loved these people, and they loved her dearly. By choosing her own path, she’d saved them from broken hearts, and given them love and happiness. She had given herself love and happiness, and she had given her countless students love and happiness. She hadn’t chosen to receive love; she’d chosen to give, to spread love.

The End

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