Catalina was gone for a purpose. Evelyn had promised pain and agony if she didn’t leave by the second full moon. She stayed as long as she could, but that wasn’t as long as she would have liked it to be. During that last month, she imprinted as many memories as it would fit inside her mind, and recorded the sound of his voice into her heart. But please don’t think her a selfish person, she was far from that. Evelyn had promised pain and agony to Jonathan if she didn’t leave, so it was all for his wellbeing.

Evelyn was descended from a line of well trained witches, and, although only a quarter witch, she excelled in the craft of wielding magic. The first time she set eyes on Jonathan, she felt a love stronger than any that had existed before. And he seemed to like her well enough; after all he did accept her offer of her hand in marriage. The wedding was scheduled that spring, but the fateful meeting with Catalina caused the delays, and eventually the wedding was cancelled. Evelyn realized that she had to take things in her own hands. She threatened Catalina, although deep down in her heart she knew she would never be able to carry the threat through as she also loved Jonathan dearly.

Catalina didn’t blame Evelyn though, because she knew of the passionate love that Evelyn had for Jonathan. She knew she would have done the same, and she didn’t regret leaving as she knew her sweetheart would be well cared for and loved. So she went to seek her own adventure, trying to forget the times she shared with Jonathan, to avoid the pain that it brought.

After countless days wandering the countryside, she stumbled upon a city which was bordered by walls three or four times a man’s height. She came to the tower where the guards were supposed to stay, and read the notice that hung there.

“This city is well-locked up,

Bordered by unclimbable walls,

If you wish to travel beyond this point,

Just knock on the door and you shall.


Upon the stands in the room beyond,

Sat an owl, an apple, a crown and a rose

But do not forget the crystal globe

Your future will depend on what you chose.”

She knocked, and a gust of wind whistled through the cracks on the door, widening the gap just enough so that she could squeeze in. The room was nothing magnificent, plain with not much furniture and a few dusty tapestries lined the walls. But then the lights in the chandelier snapped on, and she could see the room more clearly. On the far end sat five wooden stands, each carved with a different design, as if to tell the origin of the item it bore. On the first stand sat a replica of an owl in silver, a golden apple sat on the second stand, and a golden crown studded with priceless gems sat on a velvet cushion on the third stand. The fourth stand held a single long-stemmed rose, crimson and flawless, slightly glistening from the dewdrops on its petals. The magnificence of these items made it easy for the viewer to skip the last stand, which held only a dusty crystal ball, like a farseeing ball of a witch.

The End

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