Day after day she came and went, and day after day he sat, reliving the time he spent with her. Catalina was remarkable, mastering many difficult theories and ideas after only a year. They grew fonder and fonder of each other, although they didn’t know that the other felt the same.

Catalina was awed by the Doctor’s knowledge. She felt like a young ignorant child next to him. They’d exchanged many stories about their lives, her telling him about her time at the Monte’s, him telling her about the exotic and strange places he’d travelled. She listened, hanging on to his every word like a child clutching at its mother’s skirts. And every story exposed a bit of him to her; every story opened his heart a little to her. Soon they were good friends.

Doctor Grifton changed, slowly but surely, from a formal young gentleman into a relaxed, humorous companion. It was Catalina’s magic. And Catalina changed too, from a self-conscious and obedient young woman to a pretty, lively and clever lady. And that was Jonathan’s magic. They began to notice each other as if for the first time.

Every time he smiled at her, a warm tingling passed through her body. She’d looked into his eyes once, and noticed how green they were; not the cold emerald green but the green of grass after a spring shower. They twinkled as he grinned awkwardly, and her heart skipped a beat. She was drowning in this strange feeling, this enormous desire to be his one and only.

And Jonathan felt the same towards Catalina. She looked so lovely every time she was stuck on a puzzle or riddle, her eyes distant in thought, one hand curling a lock of hair around her finger. The concentrated expression gave her extra beauty, not that she needed any more. Catalina was the most beautiful woman he’d ever met, with big, chocolaty eyes flecked with gold, long and dark luxurious locks, and a porcelain complexion. Her eyes were lined with long lashes, and her lips were full and red. He didn’t notice any of her imperfections, like how her teeth were slightly crooked, and her eyes magnified by a pair of spectacles she wore.

But he was so different from her, appearance-wise. Jonathan had green eyes, the perfect shade in Catalina’s opinion, and flaming red hair. His hair was cut short instead of the standard shoulder-length noblemen’s bob. Instead of the paleness of Catalina’s skin, he had a rosier complexion. His once-set mouth had become kinder with time, and he had a high, aristocratic nose. But Catalina admired his personality the most, cleverness with humour and kindness. And she admired his patience with her, and his dedication to his studies.

They became closer still. And then, Catalina disappeared.

The End

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