A Thing Called Love

:DD This is about Katie a 17 year old girl who loves to draw. She moves to New York and is embaressed by her country accent, but then finds her one true love. This is solo.

 Before I Moved

"Honey?" my mom's country accent called from the barn. Who's to blame I have one to.

"Yes, Mother?" I yelled over the growl of the tractor.

"Will you milk the cow?" she asked in her motherly tone.

"Sure."I muttered as I stepped over Kaicha, our rooster and headed for the barn.

I walked into it, took the stool from the corner, and placed it in front of Beta, the cow.

I pulled hard on the thingy majigee and milk splattered all over me, because I forgot the jar.

"Oh, crap." I said as I walked upt to my room.

The End

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