A Thing Called Friendship

2 kids, 1 grandma, new neighbor hood.

Amy sat curled in the backseat. She glanced at her little sister, Julie. Julie was asleep with Carista, the Chihuahua. Amy was their Grandma's car. Her grandma Natalie, was driving. The reason why Amy and her little sister were in there grandma's car was because they were now orphans. At least that's what Amy thought. She was glad she didn't have to go to an orphanage because she read in magazines that orphans were so bad. The sad thing was she could remember exactly what happened to her parents. She could see it right through her mind. Amy could imagine the day, the day her parents died. She was so depressed. Even though she loved Grandma Natalie, she was still upset her parents were gone. Her and Julie's parents of course, but now isn't the time to think of Julie. Amy was the person who always thought of one thing at a time.

It was a foggy day that January 1st, Amy could hear her dad saying " Everyone, hop in the car, we're going out to eat pizza tonight." Amy didn't wanna go because she wanted to finish her homework. She always hated having homework during Saturdays and Sundays. Ever since, she loves to have free time on weekends. She had no choice because she was so hungry and she hated to be alone. Julie said yes because she was 8 and she  loved pizza. They all went inside the car and mom said " Hey, lets sing, It's our last chance."  But as soon as they were gonna say "Jingle", a truck slammed the side of Amy and Julie's  parent's car. Amy and Julie got out safely. An officer came and asked Amy if there is any close guardians, Amy thought of Grandma Natalie.

Grandma came to pick them up and later told them that their parents are gone. That was why they were in the car. Amy never called her grandma "Grandma" like other kids do. Amy usually called her Natalie. Natalie noticed that Amy seemed bored. So she suggested "Hey, why don't we stop for ice-cream?" As soon as Natalie said that, Julie woke up. They entered the place and saw the menu. It looked the same where Amy and Julie lived. The choices were

The Ice-Cream Gallery

  • Banana split
  • Blueberry Rainbow
  • Strawberry cream
  • Butterscotch Ice-Cream
  • Blueberry Ice-Cream
  • And more

Amy and Julie were occupied with the ice-cream in the car. Later they finally reached the house. They saw a big banner that said "Welcome Home!" After a couple moments, people started to come out. They basically came and said "Welcome" or "Nice to see you again" Some even bought a cake. Amy new most of them but Julie didn't. Amy remembered Olivia. When Amy was younger, she remembered that her parents brought her here and she always played with Olivia. Amy introduced Olivia to Julie and Julie to Olivia. After that, they went inside to help put Amy and Julie's furniture and stuff in there rooms. Natalie lived in a row of 8 houses. Natalie  was the third house. Olivia was one of those neat freaks. She loved to keep things in order.

Later that night, Amy went to bed when Julie came in and told Amy she was afraid. Amy said "It's gonna be okay."

And everything was okay.

The End

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