A Thin Line

A thin line divided the world, though no one could see it. It stretched through obscurity and ambiguity, and yet once it was crossed, the results were definite.

Scientists would never have thought that deep within the makings of Life, there was a Program. A Subroutine, only to be initiated when the line was crossed. All the general laws of life were the main program. The subroutine waited in the background to be triggered, waited from the beginnings of time for the line to be crossed.

Humans were the first to toe the line, being a rather ruthless and snoopy species with a fair amount of intelligence derived from their tendency to pick at their wounds with probes. They delved into everything they could pry open, including the atom, the nucleus, and the very essence of matter. But there is a limit to how deep you can dig. This limit is drawn out by a simple line. But could the humans see it? No.

The End

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