Chapter 3

The streets of Paradise were already teeming with market goers and early morning shoppers. 4729 pulled her hood up and quickly joined the crowd, the little creature stayed perfectly still curled around the back of her neck, inside the hood.

“You keep quiet” she whispered as her hand slid into a passing purse. The creature let out an almost whispered laugh as if it understood. 4729 smiled and skipped quickly into the path of the oncoming crowd.


“Papers” a voice shouted nearby. 4729 felt her heart skip a beat as a nearby group of angels showed their identity papers. She concentrated so much on moving away from the guard that she didn’t see the other one behind her, a hand landed on her shoulder.

“Papers,” he said loudly in her ear. 4729 glared at the guard before slipping her bag from her back she dug in the front pocket and pulled out a folded oilskin and handed it to him. The guard unwrapped the paper inside and studied it carefully. “Sebastian Barker, no convictions?”

“No sir” 4729 said uncomfortably aware of the thick binding around her chest and the thin shirt she wore beneath her open waistcoat and jacket.

“Identifying marks; two scars through right eyebrow.” The guard read aloud, he looked up carefully studied her face beneath the hood. “Fine, keep an eye to your purses, sir. We’ve had reports of a thief in the area.”

“Will do” 4729 smiled slightly as she buckled her bag closed again. The guard moved away to the next group of angels and 4729 touched her eyebrow, her heart racing. The scars had been easy enough to replicate but the week they had taken to heal she hadn’t dared venture out into the marketplace.


She hurried through the side streets of the city avoiding the return journey through the marketplace. Carefully she looked around then lowered herself into the drains once more pulling the cover over the manhole above her. The small creature on her shoulder stayed perfectly still throughout these proceedings only making its laughing cry once.

“Shhh” 4729 scolded as she hurried through the large pipes to her hiding place. 

The End

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