Chapter 2

The sleeping angel awoke with a start, the Prince looked at the prison guard.

“Sebastian Barker” he informed the Prince. “Attempted murder, aggravated assault.”

“Twelve months at the docks.” Gabriel said dully then he looked at 4729 again. “You’ll get your charges written on your papers on the way out.” he said, she nodded not letting herself breathe as he looked at her closely. “But you will be pardoned, this time.” He looked at the guard who produced the key to her cell. “Your papers and belongings are by the main exit.” The prince and the guard moved to Solom’s cell as Sebastian began to shout. 4729 hovered by the door for a moment the princes blue eyes fixed on her again. “You can go” he said. Quickly, she nodded, turned and hurried down the corridor.

By the door she saw three sets of identity papers pinned to the wall she pulled hers down and paused. The other prisoner, Sebastian, was going to the docks most angels were dead within two months let alone twelve. She chewed her lip thoughtfully then pulled his papers down too, grabbed her bag and made her way swiftly out of the door.



Ten months later


A steady drip woke the grey eyed, young angel. Sitting up she stretched as much as possible wincing as her ribs protested the heavy binding around her chest, she dug her fingers beneath the bandages trying to relieve her lungs slightly. Something scratched nearby and she looked up her hand flicking a dagger from a pair of expensive, stolen boots. She stood slowly ducking her head to avoid the low ceiling of the disused sewage pipe that had been her home for the last few days. The storm drain above her let in just enough light to see as she stepped forward, scanning the darkness ahead. She didn’t see anything moving ahead of her and she sighed. The scratching sound came from near her feet and she looked down. A small creature was sniffing at her boot, it was too big to be a rat and too small to be one of the many cats the city employed to catch said rats. The creature was drenched and shivering and she slid the knife back into her boot and bent down to examine the little creature, its huge grey-green eyes looked up at her.

“Hello” she smiled the small creature made a spluttering sound and it whined as she wrapped a hand around its middle lifting it up. “What are you then?” the creature made a sound that was a mix between a squeak and a laugh and 4729 smiled. She sat back down and put the creature on her lap using her waistcoat to dry it off. The large green eyes closed for a moment as it snuggled against her. “So what do I do with you now?”  She asked it, the laughing sound came again and she felt the creature shiver as it wrapped its long black tail around her waist.

The next day 4729 awoke to the sight of a dead rat at her feet. The black furred creature, now completely dry and looking quite proud of itself, was looking at her expectantly.

“For me?” she asked smiling as she rubbed her eyes. The creature laughed and rolled over wriggling on the metal floor before straightening up again. “Thanks” she didn't even flinch as she tucked the rat into her breast pocket and picked up her bag. The creature looked at her quizzically then using its tiny but sharp claws it climbed up her clothes to wrap itself around the back of her neck. It nudged her ear and laughed again. “I’ll have it later” she smiled scratching its head “we need to go shopping” she felt slightly odd talking to this creature, used to being alone, the sound of her own voice was alien to her ears. Even so she smiled it was nice to share her plans with a disinterested party.

The End

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