A Terrible Nightmare

A short story assignment from English Composition class. My first time writing something like this so tell me what you think. =)

The night was cold and the air filled with an unspoken horror as a dark hooded figure walked through the abandoned streets of Glasgow. The street-lights were dim and the only sound that could be heard are the ghostly howls of the wind and the rustling of velvet robes.

The face of the figure could not be seen but the flash of distant lightning revealed  pale smooth skin- like that of marble - prominent cheek bones and golden blonde hair that flowed past the shoulders of the young woman.

Her pace quickened when a sudden chill went up her spine, a constant reminder of the fate that awaited her. Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead as her sharp gray eyes flashed around at her surroundings.

She broke into a run, her hood falling back and her lustrous hair tumbling down her back. The wind pushed against her small body as she kept going. "Will I make it?" She thought but she very well knew she would know the answer to that question soon enough.

Suddenly, an unknown force sent her skidding to a stop on the gravel she was desperate to run past. She couldn't move and it was almost as if she had become paralysed.

She felt her body rise up from the ground and fly high up into the sky. An unexpected pang of pain hit her body and a bloodcurling scream filled the silent city of Scotland. Black mist enveloped her body and as the sun rose, the mist disappeared and she was gone.


I woke up instantly. My reflection from the mirror illuminated fear in my eyes and the disheveled form of the same girl from the dream. I walked out to the balcony as I needed to calm myself down. After a few minutes I decided to go back to bed. As I turned around to step into my room, I felt a tug at my wrist and turned back to see what it was. In front of me was the same black mist that had brought me to my death in my terrible nightmare.

The End

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