Happy Birthday! NOT!

"Happy brithday Aarron!"

I sighed, I should have known they'd do this. Another excuse to have a party I suppose. "Aw, dont be like that, we all went to so much trouble. Katie even skipped try-outs" Thing is I dont like parties, it's just another way to hummilate yourself and others around you. I live in a orphanage corrently, and I stay with my aunt whenever she's not travveling which isn't very often. I came back to the present "and David didn't go to football practice and-"

"Alright" I sighed "enough with the guilt trip, I'll come down."

Julie clapped her hands in joy "I knew you would come around!"

"You can go Julie, I'll be down once I've put my book away-"

"I dont think so, I know what your like, you'll find a way to weasle out of the party!"

For a 14 year old she sure was annoing, and she's right, I would try to get out of the party. I put my book down on the bed "Alright, coming" Julie pulled me down the stairs gripping my hand like her life depended on it. We entered the dinning room which was decorated with streamer and balloons, it looked like santa was sick and brought all the joy with it. David, Katie, Darcy, Mike, John and Jodie were gathered around the table, in the centre was a victoria sponge decorated with 16 blue and black candles all lit up and awaiting my wish. I was led to the far end, the cake infront of my nose "happy birthday" I heard Katie begin the song...... I closed my eyes "blow em out and  make a wish bookworm" I heard David beside me, he had left last year but he and Katie were an item. I blew out the candles I wish.........

There was a knock at the door, "Thats funny" Jodie said "We didn't invite anyone else" I rolled my eyes.

"Maybe it the post-man" Darcy offered.

"Not on sunday" Mike and John exchanged a long glance and snickered.

"well, why dont we go see instead of leaving whoever it is outside" Jodie skipped to the door, smiling big and bright. She gripped the handle and opened it a crack then swung it open to reveal a package on the doorstep "Aarron, you have a package"

Jodie dumped it on the table there was a note:

Dear Aarron

I hope this year brings suprises and is the most eventful of your life

happy sixteenth birthday


...? I opened the carefully wrapped package, inside it was a pocket watch and a yo-yo, how random. "This looks like my da-" I shook my head no, it cant be my fathers! it was with him in the accident! but this yo-yo...it's brand new, I flipped it over to reveal an A painted on the orange plastic....... it looked alot like the yo-yo I had asked for when I turned ten just before the accident.........

The End

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