A Terrible Day

Aarron Bayside is in BIG trouble and acne is the last of his problems.

The scream of innocents filled the streets and with nothing but the clothes on my back and what was left of the contence of my backpack, I ran down the street at an attempt to be a hero.

The Begining

My name is Aarron Bayside, I am 16 years old and in terrible danger. Since you dont know me I sppose I'll have to start at the begining... My parents died a long time ago in an "accident" it has now come to my attension that my parents were murdered by a phsyco maniac while they were trying to save me, and now this phsyco is after me. This nutter is very high up in the food chain and has been tracking me down for years..hurting everyone I'd been in contact with along the way and it all started on that terrible day...the day I turned sixteen.

The End

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