And most of all: Don’t fall in love with students.

After re-reading the rules that she had written for herself on her first day of teaching five years ago, the last one stood out more than it ever had before. "And most of all: Don't fall in love with students."  She took out a separate piece of paper and rewrote it to herself, trying to drill it into her mind at the same time.  She had rewritten the words over so many times; she needed to remember it.  She was doing it more as a reminder of the consequences than of the rules itself, because, although no one knew it, she had fallen in love with one of her students the year past.  She felt an unpleasant surge of jealousy to see his girlfriend kissing him before he walked into her classroom with a smug smile across those perfect lips...


"Good afternoon, class," she crowed, picking up a piece of chalk a  with toothy beam as she swept her eagle-like gaze across the room.  "I am Ms. Byrd, and I will be your math teacher this year."  She wrote her name on the board, and then turned back around.  "Let us start on a sheet that I have prepared, called 'Getting to Know You.'"  She smiled and began handing the papers out, watching each student she handed one to individually.  Then, suddenly, her heart began racing as she handed the last student his sheet.  He looked up at her and smiled, saying a quick, "Thanks," as he took the sheet.  His sandy blond hair was swept across his forehead in an organized mess, his green eyes specked with brown, and the spray of freckles across his nose just held her gaze on his face for even longer.  He looked down and began filling the sheet out, not noticing when his teacher reddened in the face and smiled back, watching his left hand scribble his answers down.  His name was Tony Mercer.  It took her slightly over a minute to walk away, but even from her desk she continued to stare.  

----------------------------------------End Flashback----------------------------------------

She shook her head at her desk, but nothing could shake the feelings that she knew that she had for him.  He was not the best at math, but it meant that she could stand next to him and help him with it every single time he struggled.  She loved to see his adorable hand raise into the air with his cute little eyebrows furrowing in confusion as she scurried over to him.  He was as sweet as he was cute, and on occasion he would come visit her during his lunch periods.  He had such great plans to do with his life, and she wanted so much to be in them.  Oh, and how her heart ached when she thought of how that would never happen.   

The End

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