.:The War:.

A screeching sound split the air. It awoke everyone from their slumber, stirring children from their beds. A small girl wandered out into the night, her bare feet slapping the cold cement. Her teddy bear dangled from one hand, half of its body dragging along the ground.

They had told everyone it would be safe, that nothing could touch them. But the silver object hurtling towards the earth was proof that this was not so. The child closed her eyes and wished on the object, believing that it was a shooting star.

Someone picked her up, wrapping their arms around her waist. She screamed and kicked in a panic, not knowing who this person was.

“I’m trying to help you darling, just hold still,” The voice behind her was kind and soothing.

“Mollie!” Her mother ripped her from the arms of the stranger, cradling her close. Mollie, so confused by the fear in the adults’ voices, began to cry.

Already people were attempting to get away, jumping in whatever vehicle was closest and heading as fast and as far away as they could. They spilled out of the nearby houses and onto the sidewalks in mass panic. The smart ones were staying right where they were because they knew it was no use. You could outrun the blast but the radiation would still kill you in ten seconds flat.

Or so they thought. In truth you couldn’t even outrun it. The missile was an experimental weapon designed not only to erase all signs of life, but prevent any life from reforming in the area. What the scientist who designed it didn’t know is that his design would fail. However it would indeed have an irreversible effect.

Little Mollie watched over her mother’s shoulder as the missile fell to earth and struck the heart of the city. It blossomed outwards in a huge wave. Buildings were swallowed and crushed in the cloud, people thrown hundreds of feet into the air before being sucked into the tempest.

“Mom?” It was the last word Mollie would say.


When the storm had ceased, all that remained was the soil which had been bleached a stark white. At the center of the blast was a huge circle of black stained earth. Every drop of color had been taken from the land and every living thing likewise was colorless. In the black circle, the creatures were shades of ebony. In the white outer ring, the inhabitants were shades of ivory. The entire area was the eye of the storm. All other life beyond there was dead. It was a safe zone hidden from the rest of the world. The whole continent had been killed by the radiation and deemed unlivable by the European countries on the other side of the globe. America had been defeated and Russia rose victorious.


The tensions between America and Russia and grown once more due to the construction of various United States anti-missile bases across the globe. Russia had been developing the long range experimental nuclear missile for years and were afraid that their plan to take down the United States would be thwarted. In a desperate attempt they launched it before it could be properly tested – they had never intended to destroy the entire continent.

Over the course of two hundred years, life took root in the eye of the storm. Human descendants of the survivors would uncover the remains of the missile and discover its name printed on the side:


The End

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