A Taste of Shadow

The story of Estra and Kin


In the valley of sun and shadow, beyond the prismatic sea, a blue butterfly hovered above a white flower in the middle of a glade. It settled down upon it, drinking the sweet grey nectar, its wings opening and shutting. It was a splash of color against the pure white canvas surrounding it.

Suddenly, a horse’s hoof smashed the beautiful creature into the ivory ground, destroying it. Its life had been snuffed out like a candle, no longer needed in the light of day.

“More and more of them showing up everyday,” General Ravenwing growled from the sleek ebony back of the stallion. In his own mind, the general was not a cruel man. Rather, he considered himself to be strong, which gave him the upper hand in combat.

Ravenwing was the very essence of the Shadow Lands, a striking image of dark hair and black eyes. His square jaw was clenched tight as he surveyed the area around him. Silver medals on his vest glinted in the moonlight. His dark figure was an unsightly blemish to the pure white landscape around him.

“Sir? Should we make our camp here?”

A grey mare drew up beside him. Upon her back, his lieutenant scanned the general’s face for an answer. Lieutenant Nighthawk was a slip of a fellow, his uniform far too large, billowing in the wind. It gave one the impression of a great bird being buffeted by the wind as it swooped down to attack its prey. He was fairly young still, perhaps seventeen at the most.


Barely perceptible through the distant white boughs of the birches beyond was the brick wall that surrounded the city of light. Just above it was the tip of a crystalline spire, gleaming like a star against the inky backdrop of midnight. The general fixated his gaze upon it, as though he could cause it to fall with willpower.

 “We attack at dawn” He snarled.

His black steed huffed out a cloud of breath as its rider urged it forward towards the unsuspecting population of Aether.


The End

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